The People Speak On Delaware DOE Calling The Police On Me Yesterday!

Delaware DOE

It has been a little over 24 hours since I had to deal with the Delaware DOE calling the police on me yesterday as I sat in the lobby of a public building.  I do want to give a shout-out to the Capitol Police for their fast response.  I know a lot of them from Legislative Hall.  They are great guys!  I don’t blame them for the incident yesterday.  They were just doing their job.

I’ve received many responses, publicly and privately in regards to the situation and my blog post about it yesterday.  Rob Petree with Delaware 105.9 put up an article about it on their website this morning.

This is what the people of Delaware had to say:

When Bureaucrats get the notion that they are of a significantly greater importance than the people they serve is when a Foul Stench begins to waft across the Public Square.

Keep it coming Kevin! Feet to the fire! They are no match for you

You’ve got them running scared! Ridiculous!

If they truly were “concerned” for whatever reason, you would think rather than waste time to take photos (I have to imagine there are surveillance cameras performing that function), someone would have approached you in a professional manner and asked whether there was anything they could assist you with. The Townsend Building is open to the public- God forbid any of those workers conduct themselves in a civil or courteous manner toward the public!

What is wrong with these people?

Did you get a rare sighting of Tom Wagner?

I never thought I would say this but the Carney administration is infinitely worse than the Markell administration.

This doesn’t make sense. 

Maybe if you looked as pretty as Susan Bunting does in her Glamour Shots pictures the police wouldn’t have come.

It’s a very good thing that they’re scared of you.

They should be scared of taxpayers taking action, not just Kevin. Everyone should be calling, emailing and contacting elected officials to have all this investigated!

                If she was a Republican you can be rest assured it would.

                She is a registered Republican.

Wow! All the lies and deception is getting to her. But you can best believe Patrick Miller is not worried because he knows she won’t talk and he won’t without a sweet immunity deal!

Was there someone there they didn’t want you to see? Sounds like they wanted to rush you out for a reason.

How soon until they lock the doors and get metal detectors in there?

Are you serious? That is crazy!!! Sorry this happened to you.  I love all the hard work you put into your blog.  Thanks for all the hard work.

Keep doing what you do Kevin. It’s the right thing.

The upper echelons of State government are occupied by petty vindictive personalities whose own sense of entitlement is what drives them. This is not exclusive to one party or the other. BOTH parties and members of both parties are responsible for this urgent need to self-aggrandize and diminish any and all challengers to the status quo crafted by wealthy and powerful corporations willingly assisted and enabled by powerful lobbying interests. There is a nasty smell emanating from the bowels of Dover and no one in power will open a window or door to air out the stench.

All I can say is awesome job Kevin. But glad you’re ok. We would have bailed you out. Corporate Delaware and the Delaware way don’t like the truth and that is what you report. Shame Susan Bunting is still there.  They didn’t put her on administrative leave.

Someone, anyone, owes you an apology and an explanation Kevin. This is how our agencies and certain personnel treat our constituents? Disgraceful and inexcusable and begs for an internal investigation.

“Get to close to the truth and all of a sudden they try to turn YOU into a bad guy.”
Yup. That’s what they do. What kind of a state do we live in?

“This is Delaware. Get to close to the truth and all of a sudden they try to turn YOU into a bad guy.” Yep,this is how it is. I was once arrested by the Capitol Police for sitting quietly in the House gallery on the day of Minner’s inauguration. Of course I wasn’t convicted, but on the other hand nobody ever apologized, and the legislative leadership thanked the capitol cops for arresting me. In many ways a nasty little place.

A bunch of elitists in that building.  Who the hell do they think they are?

And who was the person outside taking pictures?

A former employee in the building even had this to say:

You’ve sat in that lobby plenty of times typing away on your computer and no one ever reported you as suspicious before.

I would like to clarify Alison May’s response to Delaware 105.9.  Yes, I was wearing a hat.  Yes, I did have sunglasses but they were flipped up.  Yes, I was reading a newspaper.  May acknowledged I said hello to her but she didn’t recognize me until I said hello.  There were a lot of folks walking back and forth between various offices.  If a “concerned citizen“, as May put it, was worried about me, on the ground floor lobby, why would they go to the either the closed and locked DOE offices on the ground floor to inform the Delaware DOE?  Was this “concerned citizen” also a state employee?  Why not go to the Auditor of Accounts office on the ground floor or the Office of Pardons which has someone sitting there at an open window?  Why did the Capitol Police go to the Auditor of Accounts office before going to the DOE after they asked me to wait?

I did step outside prior to my engagement with the Capitol Police and the pictures directed my way did happen outside.

I have to wonder why, in the public lobby of a state building, they provide couches and chairs?  I would think that if they want to keep the public out, they wouldn’t provide that welcoming furniture.  Or is that just for state employees on breaks?  Or do you have to have a certain “look” to enter a state building?

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