Grant Thornton Contract States Can’t Be Released Without Company Permission & Default Language Shows Tom Wagner Could Edit The Report

Kathleen Davies

Kathleen Davies just released the agreement for the Grant Thornton contract.  The contract was commissioned by Delaware State Auditor Tom Wagner to look into Kathleen Davies, who many feel was ousted from Wagner’s office for doing quality audit investigations. The contract is a bigger bomb than the report because it proves the report is bogus.

The News Journal “obtained” a copy of some version of the report (that is very cloudy according to Davies press release from today).  But the agreement states the report can not be issued without written permission from Grant Thornton.  Plus the fact that Wagner could edit it due to the Grant Thornton defaulting on completion of the report by a certain date throws the whole report into a swamp of corruption in Wagner’s office.

The News Journal should have “obtained” the contract along with the now defamatory report before running with their article based on it.  The report is a complete fabrication now!

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