Northern Lights

Death Cab For Cutie

When you mix the sound of New Order, The Cure, The Smiths, Alphaville, and Joy Division, the result is pure magic.  This is the case with “Northern Lights” by Death Cab For Cutie.  On their new album, “Thank You For Today”, the band reinvigorated themselves and they sound incredible!

“Northern Lights” will most likely be my song of the year.  It captures everything I loved about the other bands and shows how adaptable Death Cab is to bring that sound into the 21st Century.  Heck, at this point, it could wind up being my song of the decade.  When I replay it about 50 times in a row and don’t get sick of it, I know it’s a keeper!

This blog has been on the heavy side and going on all cylinders lately so I thought it would be good to get something a little uplifting out there, even if it is just a song!

Vote In The Delaware Primary Polls: State Reps & State Senators

Delaware Primary 2018

Nature abhors a vacuüm!  Is Primary Day really less than three weeks away?  This has been a long election season!  We have tons of primaries in Delaware this year and the State Senate and State Representative ones have been very interesting.  There are two districts where both Democrats and Republicans will battle against their own in a primary.  Many of these contests are because many legislators resigned.  These polls are more difficult than statewide races because different folks will vote.  There is no way to limit it to a district.  But I look forward to see how folks vote!