From The Vault: Titles Of Draft Articles Never Revealed

The Draft Vault

I was going through my drafts folder on this blog and I found several articles I either started but never finished or ones where information changed drastically.  For some of them, I either got bored writing it, it was repetitive from other stuff I wrote, or it just didn’t make any sense.  Some of these wound up becoming part of other articles.

I’m deleting a ton of them, but I thought I would give the titles for some of them.  Some I am going to keep because there is information in them that is good to keep on the back burner.  And there are some I won’t even reveal the title of because they would give away something coming up.  Yes, I have many drafts with untold tales…

Ben DuPont’s Very Merry Christmas

The Hive Of Scum On Delaware Craigslist, Backpage, and Kik

Tabula Rasa

Something Is Rumbling At Charter School Of Wilmington

Sunrise At Pickering Beach

The Gym Teacher From Maryland: What Happened?

Fidget Spinners…A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing In The Classroom?

Scandal Watch: Delaware Met, Innovative Schools, & Charter School Development Corporation

Final Thoughts on 2017 Delaware School Board Elections

When The Delaware DOE Fabricates Reports & Lies To Elected Officials We Have A Major Problem

The Moment Of Truth

Watch The Delaware DOE Like A Hawk! Especially Now!

The Delaware DOE Search Engine

Red Clay’s Sam Golder Presents His 2017-2018 Top Ten List

Dr. Browne & EastSide Charter: The “Pixie Dust” Smoke & Mirrors Part 2

The Christmas Tree

Why Does Richard Gregg Want To Muzzle John Young?

Rodel & Their Teacher Council Deliver The Gates Vision To Legislators

Caesar Rodney Superintendent Demolished At Press Conference Yesterday

“Blockchain Is Going To Touch Everyone”

Kathy McGuiness Gets An Epic Fail Of An Endorsement

Margie Lopez-Waites Blundering Could Get DAPSS Shut Down & Why Parents Should Be Very Pissed


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