One Month Until The Delaware Primary! Your Guide To The Candidates!

Delaware Election 2018

The Delaware Primary election is one month away!  And there are plenty of statewide and district races for Delaware citizens to vote on.  I would go so far as to say the Primary is just as important as the General Election this year.  The heat is on!

As campaign signs vie for space across the state, there are forums aplenty!  In terms of campaign financing, any primary candidate has to file their report by Thursday, August 9th.  Those could be some very interesting reports!  It will cover their campaign contributions from January 1st to August 7th of this year.  All candidates will file another report for the 20 days after that and those reports are due August 31st.  Finally, the big Primary is on Thursday, September 6th.  Polls are open between 7am until 8pm.  If you haven’t filed to vote in the primary, you have until this Saturday, August 11th, to do so.

The biggest race is for U.S. Senator.  Both incumbent Tom Carper and Keri Harris are fighting hard on the Democrat side.  On the red side, Gene Truono and Rob Arlett are vying for the Republican portion of the ballot.  The winner faces write-in candidate Matthew Stout, Green candidate Dmitri Theodoropolous, and Libertarian Nadine Frost.

In the U.S. Representative race, Lee Murphy and Scott “he of the wooden signs” Walker are competing for the red bullet on the ballet.  The winner will take on incumbent Lisa Blunt-Rochester.

The Delaware Attorney General slot has four Democrats fighting for attention.  Who will win?  Will it be Kathy Jennings, Lakresha Roberts, Chris Johnson, or Tim Mullaney?  Whoever is it they face off against Peggy Marshall Thomas in November.

In my personal favorite Primary Democrat race, for State Auditor, the qualified Kathleen Davies will face off against Kathy McGuiness and Dennis Williams.  The winner faces Mr. Hug-A-Cop, James Spadola, who is running on the Republican ticket for the General.

On the Delaware Senate side, there are a few primaries.  All three of these primaries are races where the former Senator is retiring.

In the 2nd District, there is a four-way race between blue Dems Bobby Cummings, Darius Brown, Sam Guy, and Herman Holloway.  The winner of the primary is the next Senator of this district.

The 3rd district will see Elizabeth “Tizzy” Lockman against Jordan Hines for the race.  This Democrat winner will face nobody in the General Election.

Finally, the 17th has Donyale Hall facing off with Justin King.  That winner takes on Democrat Trey Paradee in the General Election.

The Delaware House of Representatives has a ton of primaries, most of which are Democrat.  The core Wilmington districts have primaries.

The 1st has incumbent Charles Potter vying for the slot against Nnamdi Chukwuocha for the blue.  Like the song by ABBA, the Winner Takes It All!

Democrat Incumbent Stephanie Bolden faces off against U’Gundi Jacobs in the 2nd.  No General for the winner of this primary!

Looking to replace the retired Helene Keeley in the 3rd are filed Democrats Sherry Dorsey Walker, Paul Falkowski, and James Hunter Miller.  Cue the ABBA song again.

The battle for the Democrat 5th seat has Kendra Johnson, Ajawavi Ajavon, and William Resto.  The winner takes it all!

The 7th district has five candidates: Joseph Daigle, Raymond Siegfried, Larry Lambert, Catherine Imburgia, and Rose Izzo.  The winner takes the blue slot when they battle against Libertarian Scott Gesty and Eric Braunstein in the General.

Incumbent Kevin Hensley (R) will face off against the winner of the 9th primary Democrat race: Debbie Harrington, Monique Johns, and James Ryan.

Krista Griffith and Rachel Blumenfeld will fight to win the primary in the 12th.  Whoever wins the Dem primary will battle against long-time incumbent Deborah Hudson in the General.

In the 16th, Franklin Cook, Linwood Jackson, and Jakim Mohammed all want the Democrat slot on the ballot.  The winner will face Albert John Ament in the General.

The 17th is not shy of candidates as Melissa Minor-Brown, Michael Burns, and David Roberts face off against each other for the Democrat slot.  The winner faces off against write-in candidate Christopher Mockerman.

The 22nd district is one of two races where both Dems and Republicans have primaries.  On the blue side, Renee Taschner vs. Guillermina Gonzales.  On the red side, Katherine Beard vs. Michael Smith.

The 31st is the second race with both blue and red primaries.  Incumbent Sean Lynn faces Ralph Taylor for the blue ticket while David Anderson faces Jean Dowding on the red.  This is the battle for the heart of Dover in the House folks!

Finally, the 35th is the only race with just a Republican primary.  In fact, no Dems filed for this seat.  Jesse Vanderwende takes on Robert Mitchell to replace Rep. Dave Wilson’s seat.

Both the Senate and the House will look different next year.  No matter what, there will be new faces.  After the primary, I will look at all the races for the General Election.

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