Regulation 225 Is Dead But Bunting Is Still Secretary Of Education

Regulation 225

The Delaware Department of Education officially announced Regulation 225, which dealt with discrimination of transgender students will not move forward.  I find the timing on this to be very interesting, but I will get into that right after the Delaware DOE press release:

Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018 – The Delaware Department of Education announced on Thursday that it will not be moving forward to finalize the current proposed version of Regulation 225. The department received more than 6,000 comments in response to the revised proposed 225 Prohibition of Discrimination Regulation, which was published in the June Register of Regulations. Those comments now are available online for public review here

“Recent court decisions have raised important legal questions regarding this issue, and the significant public comments make clear we still haven’t struck the right balance,” Secretary of Education Susan Bunting said. “For those reasons, we’re not going to finalize the current proposed version of the regulation.”

Three days after I posted a scathing article about Delaware Secretary of Education Dr. Susan Bunting, this comes out.  It has also been eight days since I first posted about how Dr. Bunting never told the Auditor’s office about a parent complaint that would have gotten any employee of a school district fired but Patrick Miller got a pass somehow.  But now, out of the clear blue, Bunting puts the kibosh on the political football that is Regulation 225.  I predicted a long time ago this regulation wasn’t going anywhere.  No side would have been happy with it in the end.  As many on those sides are happy it isn’t moving forward, and showing their delight on social media, this could be some “positive” brownie-points for Bunting at a time when she needs it the most.

It is more imperative than ever that Bunting retires, resigns, or gets removed from her post as Secretary.  I don’t care what it is as long as she is no longer Secretary of Education.  Thousands of Delawareans are in agreement on this sentiment, including several of the citizens in the Indian River School District who feel betrayed by these latest posts of mine.  The amount of Bunting defenders compared to those who are extremely offended by her actions are about 1 out of 50.  And while I name names and point out folks involved in these scandals with Patrick Miller in the center, telling me I am wrong because someone entangled in this mess is a relative tells me nothing.

Despite a very public challenge to Bunting to come clean and retire, I continue to hear nothing from the Delaware DOE.  No other public media aside from Delaware 105.9 has touched on this issue.  Why?  I would say it is newsworthy.  Are they afraid of ticking off Governor Carney?  Is it because it came from this blog that they don’t feel it is worth pursuing?  The News Journal piggybacks off stuff I write all the time.  Why not this issue?  If the News Journal does decide to write something about it, I am asking right now for them to credit the original source.  I do it for them, they should do the same.

Regulation 225 was the bane of political candidates in Delaware.  No matter where you stood on it, you were bound to tick someone off.  During a crucial election year for over 5/6 of the General Assembly I have no doubt they are glad this saga is over.

Change is in the wind and it is coming fast and furious.  Things are going to change for citizens who are tired of the political and educational lies and secrets.  A new day is on the horizon where what was once a few voices in the wilderness will become a force to be reckoned with.

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