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Exceptional Delaware

I’m stuck.  I want to help the citizens of Delaware.  I want FULL transparency, especially when it comes to education.  But we aren’t getting it.  That has become painfully obvious in the four years I’ve been blogging.  We have been lied to and manipulated.  It has to end.  I need YOUR help.

I do this on a volunteer basis.  It has reached the point where I am unable to do the work I do without making it a full-time job.  Which I have no problem doing but it doesn’t pay the bills.  So I am humbly asking for help.  I need to attend meetings and meet with sources.  I need to cover events that occur and be places.

I haven’t been working since last March.  I had to quit my job at that time to help take care of my son who was having difficulties related to his disabilities and the school district he goes to.  Those difficulties have stretched out to the present day and have prevented me from finding reasonable employment.  I need help.  I asked this of readers a year ago when I was in a crunch.  And they helped.  I am asking again but the stakes are much higher this time.

To make the work I do be a viable and continual concern, I can’t do what I do in a financial vacuüm.  I truly thought giving up the blog and trying to get a contract with the Delaware DOE would solve a lot of the financial problems in education.  But when I discovered our Secretary of Education has not been truthful with the citizens of her former district as well as the entire state I realized that contract was going nowhere.  That contract would have given me the flexibility to take care of my son and do the work that needs to be done in Delaware.

So now I am back at the drawing board and time is running out.  I have things coming up, if I continue to do what I do, that will require me doing a lot of field work.  That takes time, gas, and money.  And yes, it takes living expenses.  I do not live as a rich man.  I spend the bare minimum for what I need.  I get more satisfaction out of helping people than entertaining myself.

Delaware citizens donate money all the time to candidates running for office.  They donate, collectively, millions of dollars.  They donate to organizations that help people.  I am asking you to do the same for me.  I am a one man operation.  I am asking you, with nothing more than blind faith and, I hope, some earned trust, to help out.  We know the Delaware DOE would not have acted in certain situations until I got it out in the public eye first.  No one else was even looking, or thinking to look, for this information.

If you are able to help, I thank you.  If not, I understand.  Please spread the word.  Delaware’s regular media is not able to do the things I do.  I don’t begrudge them that.  I do, at times, for other things.  It is the watchdog’s job to get information out there these days.  I see it as a moral imperative.

Should you choose to donate, please send funds via Paypal to

I will be having an article out shortly (in the next 24 hours) that will show how deep some of this corruption and fraud goes.  At some of the highest levels of our state.  But that is not an end point.  It is just the beginning.  It will unleash things that will change your way of thinking about our public education system.

One thought on “Support Exceptional Delaware!

  1. just agree with your narrative as indeed Delaware citizens donate money all the time to candidates running for office. They donate, collectively, millions of dollars. They donate to organizations that help people


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