DSEA Endorses Kathleen Davies For State Auditor


Kathleen Davies received the crown jewel of endorsements today when the Delaware State Education Association endorsed her!

Kathleen Davies has the experience needed to get done the critical work of the State Auditor’s office. With more than 25 years of auditing and accounting experience, Kathleen is the most qualified candidate with the skills needed to serve as a strong watchdog for Delaware’s taxpayers. DSEA members want an auditor who is going to hold state agencies and school districts accountable for taxpayer dollars. We enthusiastically recommend Kathleen for State Auditor and believe she’s the best choice for voters to make on September 6th.

This just adds to Davies’ growing list of endorsements and accomplishments in this race!  On September 6th, vote Kathleen Davies!  There are things going on in this state as I write this that will demand someone with the full capacity and knowledge to do this job.  That is Kathleen Davies.  We need her now more than ever!

7 thoughts on “DSEA Endorses Kathleen Davies For State Auditor

    1. Hi “Buffy”. Cool name. There is more to this than meets the eye which I will be coming out with later tonight or tomorrow morning. You know about a quarter of the story which is exactly what the News Journal wanted you to see. Especially since they had more information but failed to write about that information. When I come out with what I know, DSEA will most likely re-endorse her.


  1. I dont know….hostile?
    Giving contracts to “friends”, questionable spending???
    Too many actual “questionable” actions…cant argue employees “fears” makes her sound like a monster to work for & with….I had no idea she was in such unethical shape.


    1. Hello again “Buffy”. Do you work at the Auditor of Accounts office? Were you a witness in the unemployment or MERB hearing? Or do you work on the McGuiness or Dennis Williams campaign? Meanwhile, when you want to believe the “credible” News Journal, the rest of Delaware will be reading this: https://exceptionaldelaware.wordpress.com/2018/08/08/auditor-of-accounts-office-releases-very-questionable-report-to-news-journals-jessica-bies-in-attempt-to-interfere-with-election-merb-hearings/


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