FINAL LIST of Delaware Filed Candidates for State Attorney General, State Auditor, State Treasurer, State Representative, State Senator, U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator

Delaware Election 2018

This is a list of the FINAL candidates for both the Delaware Primary and the Delaware General Election.  I will be coming out with endorsements in the next few weeks.

Election Day 2018 is three and a half months away.  The Primary is in less than two months.

Dates to know:

9/6/18: Delaware Primary

11/6/18: Delaware General Election

Last updated: 7/10/2018, 11:38am


U.S. Senator:

Matthew Stout (Write-In), Demetri Theodoropolous (Green), Nadine Frost (Libertarian), Tom Carper (Incumbent, Democrat), Kerri Harris (Democrat), Roque De La Fuente (Republican), Gene Truono (Republican), Robert Arlett (Republican)


U.S. Representative:

Lisa Blunt Rochester (Incumbent, Democrat), Lee Murphy (Republican), Scott Walker (Republican)


Attorney General:

Tim Mullaney (Democrat), Kathleen Jennings (Democrat), Lakresha Roberts (Democrat), Chris Johnson (Democrat), Peggy Marshall Thomas (Republican), Bernard Pepukayi (Republican), Currently: Matt Denn (Democrat, retiring)


State Auditor:

Dennis Williams (Democrat), Kathy McGuiness (Democrat), Kathleen Davies (Democrat), James Spadola (Republican), Joan Winters (Republican), Currently: Tom Wagner (Republican, retiring)


State Treasurer:

Kenneth Simpler (Incumbent, Republican), Colleen Davis (Democrat), David Chandler (Green)


State Senate: Currently 11 Democrats, 10 Republicans, 10 seats up for re-election- 5 Democrat and 5 Republican 

2nd: Bobby Cummings (Democrat), Darius Brown (Democrat), Sam Guy (Democrat), Herman Holloway (Democrat), Currently: Margaret Rose Henry (Democrat, Retiring)

3rd: Elizabeth Lockman (Democrat), Jordan Hines (Democrat), Currently: Bobby Marshall (Democrat, retiring)

4th: Laura Sturgeon (Democrat), Greg Lavelle (Incumbent, Republican)

6th: Ernie Lopez (Incumbent, Republican), Lynne Eckbold (Republican), David Baker (Democrat)

10th: Stephanie Hansen (Incumbent, Democrat), Christine Metzing (Republican)

11th: Bryan Townsend (Incumbent, Democrat), Daniel Kapitanic (Republican)

16th: Colin Bonini (Incumbent, Republican), Louisa Phillips (Democrat)

17th: Trey Paradee (Democrat, currently the 29th District State Rep.), Donyale Hall (Republican), Justin King (Republican), Currently: Brian Bushweller (Democrat, Retiring)

18th: David Wilson (Republican, currently the 35th District State Rep.), Currently: Gary Simpson (Republican, retiring)

21st: Robert Wheatley (Democrat), Bryant Richardson (Incumbent, Republican)


State Representative: Currently 27 Democrats, 14 Republicans, All 41 seats up for re-election

1st: Charles Potter (Incumbent, Democrat), Nnamdi Chukwuocha (Democrat)

2nd: Stephanie Bolden (Incumbent, Democrat), U’Gundi Jacobs (Democrat)

3rd: Sherry Dorsey Walker (Democrat), Paul Falkowski (Democrat), James Hunter Miller (Democrat), Currently: Helene Keeley (Democrat, Retiring)

4th: Gerald Brady (Incumbent, Democrat)

5th: Deneice Berry (Democrat), Kendra Johnson (Democrat), Ajawavi Ajavon (Democrat), William Resto (Democrat), Currently: Melanie Smith (Democrat, Retiring)

6th: Deb Heffernan (Incumbent, Democrat), Jeffrey Olmstead (Republican)

7th: Joseph Daigle (Democrat), Raymond Siegfried (Democrat), Larry Lambert (Democrat), Catherine Imburgia (Democrat), Rose Izzo (Democrat), Scott Gesty (Libertarian), Eric Braunstein (Republican), Currently: Bryon Short (Democrat, Retiring)

8th: Daniel Zitofsky (Republican), Quinton Johnson (Incumbent, Democrat)

9th: Kevin Hensley (Incumbent, Republican), Debbie Harrington (Democrat), Monique Johns (Democrat), James Ryan (Democrat)

10th: Erin Wienner (Republican), Sean Matthews (Incumbent, Democrat)

11th: Jeff Spiegelman (Incumbent, Republican), Paul Thornburg (Democrat)

12th: Krista Griffith (Democrat), Rachel Blumenfeld (Democrat), Deb Hudson (Incumbent, Republican)

13th: John Mitchell (Incumbent, Democrat)

14th: James DeMartino (Republican), Pete Schwartzkopf (Incumbent, Democrat)

15th: Valerie Longhurst (Incumbent, Democrat), Amy Merlino (Libertarian)

16th: Franklin Cook (Democrat), Linwood Jackson (Democrat), Jakim Mohammed (Democrat), Albert John Ament (Republican), Currently: J.J. Johnson (Democrat, Retiring)

17th: Christopher Mockerman (Write-In), Melissa Minor-Brown (Democrat), Michael Burns (Democrat), David Roberts (Democrat), Currently: Michael Mulrooney (Democrat, Retiring)

18th: David Bentz (Incumbent, Democrat)

19th: Megan O’Donnell (Democrat), Kim Williams (Incumbent, Democrat), James Startzman (Republican)

20th: John Bucchioni (Democrat), Stephen Smyk (Incumbent, Republican), Harry Smouse Jr. (Libertarian)

21st: Mike Ramone (Incumbent, Republican), Stephanie Barry (Democrat)

22nd: Renee Taschner (Democrat), Guillermina Gonzales (Democrat), Katherine Beard (Repubican), Michael Smith (Republican), Currently: Joe Miro (Republican, Retiring)

23rd: Paul Baumbach (Incumbent, Democrat)

24th: Ed Osienski (Incumbent, Democrat), William Dilks (Republican)

25th: John Kowalko (Incumbent, Democrat), Bryan Rash (Republican)

26th: John Viola (Incumbent, Democrat), Justin Cruice (Republican)

27th: Earl Jaques (Incumbent, Democrat), William Hinds (Libertarian)

28th: William Carson (Incumbent, Democrat), Charlotte Middleton (Republican)

29th: Bill Bush (Democrat), Robin Hayes (Republican), Currently: Trey Paradee (Democrat, Running For Senate)

30th: Charles Groce (Democrat), Shannon Morris (Republican), Currently: William Outten (Republican, Retiring)

31st: Sean Lynn (Incumbent, Democrat), Ralph Taylor (Democrat), David Anderson (Republican), Jean Dowding (Republican)

32nd: Cheryl Precourt (Republican), Andria Bennett (Incumbent, Democrat)

33rd: Charles Postles (Incumbent, Republican)

34th: Adewunmi Kuforiji (Democrat), Lyndon Yearick (Incumbent, Republican), William McVay (Libertarian)

35th: Jesse Vanderwende (Republican), Robert Mitchell (Republican), Currently: David Wilson (Republican, running for Senate)

36th: Donald Allan (Democrat), Bryan Shupe (Republican), Currently: Harvey Kenton (Republican, Retiring)

37th: Ruth Briggs King (Incumbent, Republican)

38th: Meghan Kelly (Democrat), Ronald Gray (Incumbent, Republican)

39th: Daniel Short (Incumbent, Republican)

40th: Timothy Dukes (Incumbent, Republican)

41st: Rich Collins (Incumbent, Republican), Bradley Connor (Democrat)

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