What Is Up With Superintendent Richard Gregg In Christina School District?

Richard Gregg

Something is up in the Christina School District involving Superintendent Richard Gregg.  The following appears on Board Docs for their next Board of Education meeting on July 10th:

This follows the post I put up three days ago regarding a proposed policy to give the Board President the unilateral power to communicate with the Superintendent over the other six board members.  I did contact the school district to find out if Richard Gregg is still the Superintendent and I was told he is.  No one was available today in their Superintendent’s office to clarify this.  If Gregg is still the Superintendent, why would this action item show up to appoint an Acting Superintendent for the purposes of board meetings?  It could be as simple as Gregg not being able to attend this board meeting but it raises suspicion as to what might be going on behind the scenes.  I did check my school district for a meeting I knew the Superintendent wasn’t at but I did not see their board giving an action item to appoint the Assistant Superintendent to act in the Superintendent’s absence.  I also checked the same July board meeting in Christina last year to see if it was a “copy and paste” error but it showed nothing about an Acting Superintendent at that board meeting.

What is very odd is the proposed policy regarding board member communications appears on their agenda but the document does not show.  It does still appear on the agenda for their June 26th meeting.  Just in case it disappears, here it is:

Rumors are circulating around what may be going on with Gregg but since none of that is verifiable at this moment I will not post it.  Something is definitely rumbling!  I guess Everybody Wants To Rule The World!  Hopefully answers are forthcoming!

UPDATED, 7/7/18, 11:17am: Apparently the proposed policy was brought up before but it did not pass.  There were 3 yes and 4 no votes.  So this is a reconsideration.  It can only be brought back by someone who said no.  The four no votes belonged to Harrie Ellen Minnehan, Angela Mitchell, Elizabeth Paige, and John Young.  My guess, since Minnehan is listed as one of the contributors of the policy, is she brought it back for consideration.  But it was tabled at their last meeting and she is no longer a board member so I’m not sure how that works.  As well, a source tells me Gregg was unable to attend this meeting so someone would have to act in his absence for the new configuration of the board and to serve as Executive Secretary.  The policy was actually a Superintendent recommendation according to the documents I put up above.


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