Something to keep you cool on these hot summer days here in Delaware!

Outside Ittoqqortoormiit

The most memorable experience for me this winter was a visit to Nørrefjord, Liverpool Land, in the beginning of march.

I have put off posting about it, in part because I could not find the right words to do this astonishingly beautiful spot on earth any justice. And I still can`t!

Just thinking about it makes my heart ace. It feels – like homesickness.

It has to be experienced!

Lunch break in Klitdal

Camp close to Triasdal


The cabin at Nørrefjord …

… surrounded by hot springs


A quiet evening



Feeling small in the big fjord – Storefjord

Fixing the sledge runners on our way back home


Good news are – there`ll be a new winter, sooner or later!

So for now, let`s just enjoy what is – summertime 😉

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