Delaware Developmental Disabilities Council’s Shameful Special Investigation Audit Is Shining Example Of Why More Oversight Is Needed In Delaware

Delaware Developmental Disabilities Council

How can three fiscal years go by where a State Agency is doing whatever the heck they want and no one is the wiser?  Why does it take a whistleblower for the State to get a clue?  Who watches the Watchmen?  This council is supposed to help folks with disabilities.  This is beyond disgusting.  I’ve met Pat Maichle and I would have never guessed she would stoop to these levels.  Issuing contracts without going out for the request for proposal if it goes over $50,000?  Letting contracts continue when the work wasn’t completed?  Travel reimbursement issues?  Yeah, this report has them all.  This report shines a negative light on a council that does do good.  But one bad apple…

The worst part?  The Director was put on Administrative Leave last October and was reinstated in January of this year.  Before the audit was even completed!  While I am happy the Auditor’s office uncovered these shenanigans, it is not up to the Auditor of Accounts to watch this stuff.  We have a procurement office in Delaware.  It seems like nobody is watching what is going on with different state agencies and they are allowed to operate with no oversight.  Delaware state agencies are going rogue.  What will it take?

Get Ready For A War Between Governor Carney & Democrat Legislators!

Governor Carney

When the Delaware Democrat leadership in the House and Senate decided not to bring House Bill 460, the budget smoothing bill, up for a vote, Governor Carney was NOT happy.  As a result, he decided to go ahead and do it anyway.  With an Executive Order!  Well, not yet.  That will go down at 4:30pm today.  This will not go down smoothly with the Democrats in the General Assembly!  Get ready to rumble!  This all but assures Carney will get a Primary in 2020!


Delaware Governor John Carney


TODAY: Governor Carney To Sign Executive Order on Budget Smoothing


DOVER, Del. – At 4:30 p.m. today at Legislative Hall, Governor John Carney will sign an Executive Order to implement recommendations of the DEFAC Advisory Committee on budget smoothing. Following the signing, Governor Carney will be available for media to answer questions on the final day of the 149th General Assembly. 


WHAT:          Governor Carney will sign an Executive Order on budget smoothing, and hold media availability on the final day of the 149th General Assembly. 


WHO:             Governor John Carney

     Mike Jackson, Director, Office of Management and Budget

     Rick Geisenberger, Secretary, Department of Finance

     Jeff Bullock, Secretary of State

     Michael Houghton, Chair, Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council


WHEN:          Saturday, June 30       

4:30 p.m.


WHERE:        Governor’s Office

                        Legislative Hall

                        411 Legislative Avenue

                        Dover, DE 19901