Governor Carney’s Three Nominations For State Board of Education & Who Will Become President?

Delaware State Board of Education

Governor Carney presented three nominations for the State Board of Education on Friday.  And another State Board member has been nominated to replace Dr. Dennis Loftus as the President of the board.  Who are the nominees?  One of them is a former legislator!

To start things off, Carney nominated Dr. Audrey Noble for President.  She was confirmed by the Delaware Senate as a regular board member in March.  She must have impressed folks because she is heading straight for the top spot!

I don’t know much about two of the nominations.  They are Candice Fifer, Vincent Lofink, and Whitney Townsend Sweeney.

Lofink was a Republican State Representative from the 27th Rep. District.  He served in the House from 1990 to 2008.  He was also Chair of the House Education Committee before the Democrats took the House over in 2008.  State Rep. Earl Jaques beat Lofink in 2008 by 154 votes.  Jaques, as we all know, eventually became the Chair of the House Education Committee in 2015.  He lives in New Castle County.

Candice Fifer is the Executive Director at Hope Medical Group, Inc.  She is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at The Mind & Body Consortium in Dover.  She lives in Kent County.

Whitney Townsend Sweeney is the Investment Director of US Fixed Income at Schroder Investment Management North America, Inc.  She lives in Wilmington.

By state law, the State Board must have two members from New Castle County, one from Kent, one from Sussex, and one from Wilmington.  The State Board of Education can’t have more than four members from one political party.

The Delaware Senate Executive Committee will meet with the nominees at their meeting on Wednesday, June 27th at 1pm.  It is expected the Delaware Senate will vote the nominees in later on that day.



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