Delaware Gets C+ In Report On Public School Privatization


The Network for Public Education and the Schott Foundation released a report this week on how all fifty states rate on the privatization of our public education system.  They measured how charters are run, the quality of the charter schools, and how the state handles voucher schools as examples.  Delaware received a C+ in this report.  Most of that was due to the fact Delaware came in 2nd out of all states in the voucher school category with a grade of A+.  Delaware does not support any type of voucher system in our public schools.  But we got an F for the number of charter schools in the state based on how they divert funds from traditional school districts.

3 thoughts on “Delaware Gets C+ In Report On Public School Privatization

  1. I’m confused. How can they give an A+ rating when DE fails to have any vouchers system, whatsoever? Shouldn’t that be an F? Shouldn’t parents have a voucher system in place so that families can choose which school is best for their childe? With no voucher system, many students are forever stuck in failing schools. Why would this failure be celebrated?


      1. Oh. I see. So, what this group grades as failing, I would see as a success. I believe that parents should be given the chance to send their kids to the schools that would be best for the kids. My local district’s high schools rank near the bottom. The only chance that students get in my area is the slim hope of a charter lottery. It would be better for students if they received a voucher and could choose their own school – public, private, parochial, charter (yes, I know, that is public), or home school. (One of my daughters would have been best served by Cab, but since we are not in district, that was an impossibility.) If we are to believe that it is really ‘for the kids’, that is the only thing that actually is ‘for the kids’ – not the districts, the administrations, or the unions.


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