We Are So Bad At Predicting The Future!

Predicting The Future

I was looking at various polls I’ve put on here over the past couple of years and I was astonished at some of the results of them!  In some cases we were completely wrong!  These were basically straw polls I conducted over the past year or two. 

  • In a poll about who Governor Carney would pick as his Secretary of Education, only 17% picked Susan Bunting in November of 2016 and 23% picked her in August of 2016
  • In a poll about what the budget deficit would be by June 30th 2018, only 7% projected we would have a surplus
  • In a poll about what would happen with the State Board of Education when they were in the Sunset Committee last year, only 16% picked they would go on probation for a year

But in some areas, the majority ruled:

59% said charter school teachers should unionize (and this happened last month with the Charter School of Wilmington)

94% said Social Impact Bonds (Pay For Success) should not be used for companies to profit off student outcomes

62% said teachers should NOT arm themselves

79% said State Senators and State Representatives should have term limits

73% felt the Caesar Rodney school district should NOT have pulled their mascot when a picture of it was defaced with the “n” word because this made the perpetrator win

64% thought too much attention is paid to Wilmington and not the rest of the state

55% said social-emotional learning could not be measured

82% did not miss Jack Markell as Governor

51% said yes to school after Labor Day and 39% said only local boards should make those decisions

82% said a 50-50 split between humans and technology was okay in the classroom

71% didn’t think “The Delaware Way” works

79% thought Delaware should get rid of the Smarter Balanced Assessment

34% gave Delaware an “F” on transparency and 33% gave it a “D”

67% did not know what Blockchain Technology is and 28% said “a little bit”

56% felt Delaware should consolidate school districts

49% thought I have NO relationship with Governor Carney and 20% said it would be casual

9% thought Kathy McGuiness should have won the primary for Lieutenant Governor but 8% thought she would win

72% did not support the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission redistricting plan

And without further ado, the no-holds barred fight poll:

94% said Santa Claus would win in a fight against Jack Markell




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