Who Shot The Blogger (With A Super Soaker)? The 2018 Edition

Who Shot The Blogger 2018

About six months after I started this blog, I ran a Who Shot The Blogger series.  After listening 32 different suspects, I let the readers vote on whodunit.  By using brackets, it came down to Governor Jack Markell vs. Penny Schwinn, the Priority Schools Diva.  The Governor won!  For this round, I’m going to try something a little different and much easier.  I will be running a poll with ALL the suspects but I won’t show the results until the round is over.  I’m cutting it down to sixteen.  This is ALL in fun!  When I did this back in 2014/2015, one of the suspects was upset she was on a list of murder suspects.  So let’s just say the weapon of choice in this “Who Shot The Blogger” contest will be a Super Soaker.  And because I am running it in a poll, that should prevent the “suspects” from showing up in a Google search.

These are folks I’ve called out on my blog over the years.

When the seven-day voting period ends, we will be down to 8, then 4, then the final countdown between the two most popular suspects.  Let the fun begin!

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