Governor Carney Profits Off Legislation

Single Sports-Game Betting

Who would have thunk it?  Delaware Governor John Carney managed to turn a tidy little profit from recent legislation he signed.

Yesterday, Carney was the first to place a bet for a single game at Dover Downs Casino.  Delaware is the second state after Nevada to allow single-game sports wagering.  According to the News Journal, Carney bet $10.00 for the Philadelphia Phillies to win in a game against the Chicago Cubs.  Philly beat the Cubs 6-1 last evening.  Carney doubled his money and walked away with $20.00.

Carney already spent his winnings according to a tweet he sent:

I was so confident the Phils would win that I’ve already spent the winnings- on a haircut before my 25th Anniversary dinner with Tracey last night.

I was wondering why I didn’t see Carney at Legislative Hall yesterday!  Congrats on your silver wedding anniversary Governor!

I knew politics was just a money-making scheme!



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