Woodbridge School District Salaries Over $100,000

Woodbridge School District

The last of the traditional school district, Woodbridge School District is another one of the “cross-county” districts.  They are a growing district.  They also have a Superintendent with a name that sounds like a movie star: Heath Chasanov.  I’ve written a billion of these salary posts so I feel I ‘m allowed a bit of humor as I approach the finish line. But I digress.  Woodbridge is also home to someone I admire, Michele Marinucci.  The district’s special education coordinator, along with State Rep. Kim Williams, got the Special Education Strategic Plan formed into a cohesive committee that is doing great things for special education in Delaware.  Chasanov has been commended by the Delaware Dept. of Education for the district’s growth on the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  Not my cup of tea, but it keeps them in the spotlight.

Woodbridge School District:

4 Schools

2,537 Students, 2,309 four years ago

10 Over $100k



African-American: 25.2%

American Indian: .2%

Asian: .7%

Hawaiian: .1%

Hispanic/Latino: 22.3%

White: 48.6%

Multi-Racial: 2.9%

English Language Learners: 11.6%

Low-Income: 41.9%

Special Education: 16.1%



Lynn Brown, Principal, Woodbridge E.S., $104,564

Heath Chasanov, Superintendent, $147,433 (four years ago the sounds like a movie star Superintendent was making $135,544)

Kent Chase, Principal, Woodbridge H.S., $112,972

Barry Connors, Principal, $105,128

Donna Hall, Director Curriculum & Instruction, $117,012

Kevin Long, Supervisor Administrative Services, $105,000

Michele Marinucci, Director Student Services, $106,543

Kim Mitchell, Principal, Woodbridge ECC, $104,648

Tina Morroni, Principal, Woodbridge M.S., $100,964

Derek Prillaman, Assistant Superintendent, $128,000

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