Smyrna School District Salaries Over $100,000

Smyrna School District

Smyrna and Clayton are very tight-knit communities.  Many in the Smyrna area will tell you the Smyrna School District runs the town.  Whether that is true or not, one thing is true: Superintendent Patrik Williams certainly runs his schools!  By keeping administrative costs down, he runs a tight ship.  While Smyrna is not the fastest growing area in the state, it is certainly growing.  Smyrna’s biggest competition is local charter schools Providence Creek Academy and First State Military Academy, both in Clayton.  The district has grown modestly by about 200 students in the past four years.  Last year, former Superintendent Deborah Wicks retired.  The one thing about Smyrna that troubles me to no end is their very high expulsion rates.  They are the highest in the state.  Last year they had 30 expulsions.  To me, that is zero tolerance.  Something we should be getting away from.  It is rumored Smyrna does this so they can pay for pre-paid spots at Parkway Academy.  While this hasn’t been made official, it makes sense in a bizarre way.  The State Board of Education sees more expulsion appeals come from Smyrna over any other district or charter school.  There is a reason for that.  Williams is a pretty funny guy once you get to know him.

Smyrna School District

9 Schools

5,486 Students, 5,235 four years ago

18 Over $100k



African-American: 27.4%

American Indian: .4%

Asian: 1.4%

Hawaiian: .1%

Hispanic/Latino: 7.9%

White: 60.4%

Multi-Racial: 2.4%

English Language Learners: 2%

Low-Income: 24.9%

Special Education: 16.4%



Elyse Baerga, Principal, Moore Intermediate, $110,301

Ryan Buchanan, Supervisor Instruction, $105,213

John Camponelli, Principal, Sunnyside E.S., $102,803

Stacy Cook, Principal, Smyrna H.S., $123,130

Clarence Davis, Assistant Principal, Smyrna H.S., $101,814

Jerry Gallagher, Director Finance, $145,682

Steven Gott, Principal, Smyrna M.S., $119,793

Patrick Grant, Assistant Principal, Sunnyside E.S., $105,229

Kelly Holt, Principal, North Smyrna E.S., $123,806

Deborah Judy, Assistant Superintendent, $135,203

Marcia Mayhew, Supervisor Pupil Services, $109,034

David Morrison, Principal, Smyrna E.S., $116,296

David Paltrineri, Principal, Clayton Intermediate, $115,636

Rachael Rudinoff, Director Special Services, $129,408

Angela Socorso, Supervisor Human Resources, $100,256

June Wicks, Director Curriculum, $126,742

Patrik Williams, Superintendent, $168,712 (four years ago, former Superintendent Deborah Wicks made a base salary of $149,650 and other compensation of $1,994 for a combined salary of $151,645.  Williams, as Assistant Superintendent, had a combined salary of $128,779)

Katherine Wood, Principal, Clayton E.S., $109,634


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