Red Clay Consolidated School District Salaries Over $100,000

Red Clay Consolidated School District has become a cash cow.

I thought I had a general idea of my overall theory of school administrators in Delaware.  Red Clay was the last to respond to my FOIA request with their numbers.  I sat for a good ten minutes just staring at what they sent me.  While Christina and Red Clay have the exact same amount of administrators, Christina has more schools AND holds statewide programs like the Delaware Autism Program.  Both have 93 administrators.  But in reviewing Red Clay’s, along with some of the titles, I was utterly shocked.  They have individual supervisors for each core subject, personnel specialists, and program coordinators.

For the 100 or so who get emails from Red Clay resident Jack Wells on an almost daily basis, it is now very easy to understand why he needs more clarity on Red Clay’s numbers.  Yes, they are the most populous district in the state with 15,741 students.    But give me a break!  And how in the world does Deputy Superintendent Hugh Broomall make so much money?  He is very close to Superintendent Merv Daugherty’s salary.  Which isn’t right.  But this is a district that gave all their students their own technology devices a couple of years ago.  Which I’m sure has driven grades through the roof and they use the devices for instruction at all times.  I’m being sarcastic here.

As a charter school authorizer, Red Clay turns a blind eye to the enrollment practices of the two charter schools it oversees, Charter School of Wilmington and Delaware Military Academy.  Even their own magnet schools have enrollment preferences.  Conrad may see itself in a legal jam according to Kilroy’s Slower Delaware!  While they fended off the possibility of getting all the Christina Wilmington schools, the district is going to be in some serious financial woes at the rate they are going with administrators.  Similar to Christina, but not as bad, the district lost over 800 students over the past four years.  Those are pretty serious numbers.

According to Delaware Department of Education data, local funding pays for 41% of the district’s expenses.  At an average per student expense of $13,707, based on their student count that is a total of over $215 million to run this district.  But over $88 million of that is coming from local taxpayers.  That is some serious coin.  But the district keeps all these administrators.  Yes, they are down from 97 four years ago, but the salary increases offset that to a large degree.  I mentioned Christina was not the district I’m worried about.  It is Red Clay.

Red Clay Consolidated School District

27 Schools

15,741 Students, 16,579 four years ago

93 Over $100k



African-American: 20.7%

American Indian: .3%

Asian: 6.7%

Hawaiian: .1%

Hispanic/Latino: 27%

White: 42.3%

Multi-Racial: 2.9%

English Language Learners: 14.7%

Low-Income: 34.1%

Special Education: 14.1%



Jodi Albers, Mathematics Supervisor, $126,288

Charles “Ted” Ammann, Assistant Superintendent Operations, $148,349

Stephanie Armstrong, Principal, Brandywine Springs E.S., $129,330

Deborah Ashton, Acting Assistant Principal, $113,008

Jason Bastianelli, Principal, H.B. DuPont M.S., $121,797

Gaysha Beard, English (Reading) Supervisor, $126,288

Carolina Beck, Program Coordinator Supervisor, $132,373

Kristine Bewley, Data Processing Director, $132,373

Tawanda Bond, Principal, Stanton M.S., $129,330

Theodore (Ted) Boyer, School Administration Director, $138,460

Melissa Brady, Principal, Cooke E.S., $116,398

Hugh Broomall, Deputy Superintendent, $171,174 (four years ago his salary was $159,109 and other compensation of $3,265 for a total of $161,286)

Joy Campbell, Assistant Principal, Dickinson H.S., $116,398

Mary Caputo, Assistant Principal, McKean H.S., $119,440

Chad Carmack, Principal, Special Assignment Educator Evaluation, $132,373

Susan Carpenter, Finance Supervisor, $126,288

Sarah Celestin, Direct Special Education & Instructional Support, $134,428

Alice Conlin, Principal, Heritage E.S., $131,559

James Comegys, Instruction Director, $138,459

Judith Conway, Instruction Supervisor, $126,288

Maribeth Courtney, Principal, Shortlidge, $126,288

Martin Cresci, Assistant Principal, A.I. DuPont H.S., $119,440

Mervin Daugherty, Superintendent, $176,408 (four years ago his salary had a base of $171,665 and other compensation of $3,265 for a total of $174,931)

Debra Davenport, Personnel Specialist, $111,883

Brock Donovan, Assistant Principal, Dickinson H.S. $116,398

Linda Ennis, Principal, Cooke Elementary, $135,325

Robert Farr, Assistant Principal, Heritage E.S., $116,398

Dana Farrior, Assistant Principal, Marbrook E.S., $119,440

Chrishaun Fitzgerald, Principal, Warner E.S., $129,330

Jill Floore, Director Finance, $144,547

Thomas Glennon, Principal, Linden Hill E.S., $129,331

Samuel (Sam) Golder, School Administration Director, $138,459

Anthony Gray-Bolden, Principal, Mote E.S., $121,797

Amy Grundy, Instruction Director, $138,459

Joe Hocking, Assistant Dean, Cab Calloway, $116,398

Gail Humphreys-Mackenzie, Principal, Richardson Park Learning Center E.S., $129,330

Susan Huffman, Principal, A.I. DuPont M.S., $125,564

Karin Jakubowski, Principal, North Star E.S., $121,797

Dorothy Johnson, Principal, Richey E.S., $126,288

Marcia Johnson, Assistant Principal, Brandywine Springs E.S., $119,440

Equetta Jones, Assistant Principal, Highlands E.S., $109,617

Matthew Keen, Assistant Principal, A.I. DuPont M.S., $113,008

Barbara Land, Principal, Highlands E.S., $126,288

Trevor Little, Assistant Principal, Baltz E.S., $116,398

Eric Loftus, Finance Specialist, $102,703

Christopher Lyons, Assistant Principal, Skyline M.S., $119,441

Geraldine Marshall, Administration Manager, $132,373

Jason Martin, Assistant Principal, Richardson Park E.S., $113,008

Cynthia Mathis, Assistant Principal, Meadowood E.S., $119,440

Eric Mathis, Assistant Principal, Linden Hill E.S., $116,398

Brian Mattix, Principal, McKean H.S., $132,373

Kathleen Mattix, Principal, First School, $129,330

Edward McGrath, Science Supervisor, $126,288

Marcin Michalski, Facilities Manager, $132,373

Louis Mingione, School Administrative Specialist, $105,319

Kendall Mobley, Assistant Principal, Stanton M.S., $116,398

Byron Murphy, Principal, Dickinson H.S., $132,373

Patricia Nash, Administration Specialist, PIO, $102,703

Erin Necastro, Principal, Forest Oak E.S., $129,330

Terrance Newton, Assistant Principal, H.B. DuPont M.S., $116,398

Kenneth Oates, Special Education Supervisor, $126,288

Amy O’Neill, Principal, Baltz E.S., $121,797

Nathan Palkovitz, Assistant Principal, Lewis Dual Language Immersion E.S., $116,398

Kevin Palladinetti, Principal, A.I. DuPont H.S., $132,373

Steven Papparazzo, Assistant Principal, First School, $115,962

Kelly Penoyer, Assistant Principal, Richardson Park Learning Center, $116,398

Mark Phelps, Principal, Lewis Dual Language Immersion E.S., $115,253

Melissa Phillips, Principal, Marbrook E.S., $129,330

Mark Pruitt, Principal, Conrad, $132,373

Joseph (Joe) Rappa, Assistant Principal, Warner E.S., $116,398

Lee Raymond, Assistant Principal, A.I. DuPont H.S.., $119,440

Rebecca Reed, Social Studies Supervisor, $126,288

Shane Rifenburg, Assistant Principal, Forest Oak E.S., $116,398

Deborah Roberts, Finance Supervisor, $126,288

Frank Rumford, Principal, Skyline M.S., $129,330

Julie Rumschlag, Dean (Principal), Cab Calloway, $132,373

Tylisha Saunders, Assistant Principal, North Star E.S., $113,008

Barry Schechter, Assistant Principal, Brandywine Springs E.S., $119,440

Kelly Shahan, Finance Supervisor, $126,288

Harold Shaw Jr., Program Coordinator Supervisor, $128,519

Michael Simmonds, Manager, $132,373

Christine Smith, Administration Director, $138,459

Dominic Squittiere, Personnel Specialist, $108,576

Veronica Stevens, Assistant Principal, Richardson Park E.S., $106,227

Eunique Sudler-Lawrence, Assistant Principal, Warner E.S., $109,618

Alice Sylvester, Principal, Richardson Park E.S., $125,564

Jessica Terranova, Food Services Director, $132,373

Kellie Tetrick, Principal, Groves H.S. Adult Education, $129,331

Kendra Todd-Dixon, Assistant Principal, Conrad, $115,962

Andy Vincent, Assistant Principal, Conrad, $119,440

Reginald Worlds, Assistant Principal, McKean H.S., $119,440

Lauren Young, Assistant Principal, Mote E.S., $116,398


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Kevin Ohlandt

I am a proud parent of a son with Tourette's Syndrome and several other co-morbidities. I write on this blog to educate other parents so they know a bit more about not only special education, but all the really bad things that are happening with public schools in Delaware and the USA. We are all in this together, and if our children aren't able to advocate for themselves it's up to us parents! We need to stop letting companies run our schools, and demand our children get a proper education. Our Departments of Education in our states have become weak with fear from the bullying US DOE, and we need to take back our schools!

4 thoughts on “Red Clay Consolidated School District Salaries Over $100,000”

  1. Red clay has always put one extra assistant principal in each of the secondary schools beyond what the school earns. I believe this was discussed at their board meetings and is funded out of excellence units with difference paid out of local funds.


  2. Just how does the RC district spend $16 million on busing. Choice is very expensive. And “with difference paid out of local funds”, now that the State (Carney) has dumped this on Seniors along with his extra $100. Tax on Seniors some people with limited incomes have to borrow money for taxes. Why aren’t schools paid for from the general fund? People with investments and incomes are needed to prop up waste on this scale.


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