Polytech and Sussex Tech Salaries Over $100,000

Polytech, Sussex Technical School District

Delaware has three vocational districts, one for each county.  For this post, I’m combining Polytech (Kent) and Sussex Tech (Sussex).  Both have fixed enrollments.  In fact, Sussex Tech got in trouble a few years ago for going over that fixed amount of students.  The key difference in funding between the vo-techs and the districts and charters is the Delaware General Assembly sets their budget in line-by-line items in their annual budget.  As well, their boards are appointed by the Governor of Delaware.  Their salaries can be higher than the districts around them in certain areas.  And what is up with Sussex Tech’s former Superintendent still making the big bucks?  Isn’t he former?  Oh yeah, he’s been on paid leave since last June because of inappropriate land deals down there according to the Cape Gazette.  Do these two schools really need this many administrators?


1 School, Woodside

1,188 Students, 1,206 four years ago



African-American: 20.8%

American Indian: .4%

Asian: 1.7%

Hawaiian: .3%

Hispanic/Latino: 8.5%

White: 63.8%

Multi-Racial: 4.5%

English Language Learners: 0%

Low-Income: 17%

Special Education: 8.2%


9 Over $100k

Karen Clifton, Assistant Principal, Polytech H.S., $109,381

Mark Dufendach, Superintendent/CFO, $159,637

Ryan Fuller, Principal, Polytech H.S., $123,177

Amelia Hodges, Director Personnel & School Climate, $133,031

Renee Ivy, Assistant Principal, Polytech H.S., $109,381

Betsy Jones, Adult Education Director, $122,192

Carl Jones Jr., Buildings & Grounds Supervisor, $103,469

Vienna Walker, Assistant Principal, Polytech H.S., $109,381

Andrew Wooten, Student Services Supervisor/Transportation, $109,381


Sussex Technical School District

9-12, Georgetown

1 School

1,248 Students, 1,491 four years ago

8 Over $100k



African-American: 13.1%

American Indian: .4%

Asian: 2.1%

Hawaiian: .1%

Hispanic/Latino: 13.2%

White: 65.9%

Multi-Racial: 5.2%

English Language Learners: .2%

Low-Income: 16.6%

Special Education: 7.7%



Hud Athey, Transportation, Buildings & Grounds Supervisor, $107,608

John Demby, Principal/Interim Co-Acting Superintendent, $129,823

George Fisher, Dean of Students, $106,256

Nick Reece, Assistant Principal, $101,190

John Sell, Supervisor Support Services/Interim Co-Acting Superintendent, $131,512

Mike Owens, Director Extended Learning, $138,371

Linda Eklund, Assistant Principal/Principal Adult Education, $117,115

Allen Lathbury, Retired Superintendent, $100,205



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