Milford School District Salaries Over $100,000

Milford School District

The Milford School District is one of the few districts in Delaware that lies in two different counties.  For Milford, both Kent and Sussex County have parts of the district.  As a result, their tax pool is different.  A couple of years ago, Milford, like many other districts, had to raise their tuition tax.  This is a portion of property taxes the public does not get a vote on.  The money is for special education costs.  Milford raised their tuition tax considerably and the public got sticker shock when they opened their tax bill.  As a result, it forced the district to become very frugal with their spending.  The district has the second lowest amount of administrators over $100,000 based on their student count.  New Superintendent Kevin Dickerson inherited the previous Superintendent’s mess but is doing a decent job of putting the district back on solid ground.  The district has 104 less students than they had four years ago and three less administrators making over $100,000.

Milford School District

7 Schools

4,091 Students

11 Over $100k



African-American: 24.7%

American Indian: .3%

Asian: .6%

Hawaiian: .1%

Hispanic/Latino: 19.7%

White: 50.2%

Multi-Racial: 4.3%

English Language Learners: 14.4%

Low-Income: 41.2%

Special Education: 14.1%



Lisa Alfaro, Assistant Principal, Banneker E.S., $101,464

Bridget Amory, Director  Student Learning, $121,485

Nancy Carnevale, Principal, Milford Central Academy, $111,735

Sara Croce, Chief Financial Officer, Public Information Officer, $101,315

Kevin Dickerson, Superintendent, $153,145 (four years ago former Superintendent Phyllis Kohel made $146,897 in her total salary)

Bobbie Kilgore, Principal, Banneker E.S., $115,910

Laura Manges, Director Student Services, $107,225

Mark McDaniel, Assistant Principal, Milford Cent. Acacademy, $107,327

Cynthia (Cindy) McKenzie, Principal, Lulu Ross E.S., $108,375

Joseph Peel, Director Human Resources & School Climate, $120,000

Glen Stevenson, Supervisor Buildings/Grounds, $108,521

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