Laurel School District Salaries Over $100,000

Laurel School District

One of the southernmost districts in Delaware, Laurel school district’s population is increasing at a modest rate.  But it also has a very large percentage of low-income students.  As well, they are dealing with a fast growing population of English Language learners.  Many districts in western Sussex county face the same issue with property assessments bearing a large burden on local taxpayers.  The way the system was set up decades ago has winners and losers.  For Laurel property owners, they lose big.  As a result, the district is forced to tighten their money belt the same time their population is growing.  Four years ago, only the Superintendent made over $100,000, now there are five.

Laurel School District

5 Schools

2,362 Students, 2,135 four years ago

5 Over $100k



African-American: 28%

American Indian: .5%

Asian: 1%

Hawaiian: .2%

Hispanic/Latino: 14.6%

White: 49.7%

Multi-Racial: 6%

English Language Learners: 12.2%

Low-Income: 47.4%

Special Education: 15.7%



Richard Evans, Principal, Laurel M.S., $117,074

Ashley Giska, Assistant Superintendent, $113,507

Shawn Larrimore, Superintendent, $138,777

Todd Simpson, Director Special Education, $109,000

Monet Smith, Director Finance & Human Resources, $106,299

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