Lake Forest School District Salaries Over $100,000

Lake Forest School District

Lake Forest School District is in the northern part of Sussex County.  Student enrollment hovers around the 3,800 mark each year.  New Superintendent Brenda Wynder faces many of the same challenges other districts face in Sussex based on property assessments being among the lowest in Delaware.  As a result, the district only has 12 administrators making over $100,000. 


Lake Forest School District:

7 Schools

3,804 Students, 3,770 four years ago

12 Over $100k



African-American: 21.4%

American Indian: .5%

Asian: .7%

Hawaiian: .1%

Hispanic/Latino: 7.7%

White: 62.6%

Multi-Racial: 7%

English Language Learners: 2%

Low-Income: 39.4%

Special Education: 17%



Doug Brown, Principal, East E.S., $102,962

David Carter, Assistant Principal, Lake Forest H.S., $103,559

James Dick, Chief Academic Officer, $114,557

Larry Linaweaver, Transportation Supervisor, $103,160

Michele Martel, Principal, Central E.S., $115,398

Bernadette Maxwell, Special Education Supervisor, $110,904

Travis Moorman, Personnel Director, $124,795

Cliff Owens, Principal, South E.S., $103,290

Tanya Robinson, Director, DECC, $123,788

Eric Stancell, Principal, Chipman M.S., $100,955

Theadora White, Principal, Lake Forest H.S., $119,131

Brenda Wynder, Superintendent, $155,293 (four years ago former Superintendent Daniel Curry made $147,374 while Wynder made $112,638 in her earlier position)

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