Indian River School District Salaries Over $100,000

Indian River School District

Indian River School District, located in central Sussex County, has the least amount of administrators per student out of all the school districts in Delaware.  The district has 1,000 more students than they did four years ago.  With a growing population and over 10,400 students in the district, Indian River had to cut back on administrators back in the Fall of 2016 to avoid the state having to bail them out during a financial crisis.  Their former leader, Susan Bunting,  is now the Delaware Secretary of Education.  Mark Steele leads the district now and has to deal with doing more with less.  Compared to similar districts with student enrollment at that size, such as Appoquinimink and Brandywine, Indian River runs a tight ship these days.  Indian River has a large number of English Language learners in the district and with a current lack of extra funding for those students, it can be tough.  The district faced an investigative audit by the State Auditor’s Office at the same time they tried to pass a referendum.  While the referendum did eventually pass, it caused the district to get their finances together fast!


Indian River School District

15 Schools

10,465 Students

25 Over $100k



African-American: 12.4%

American Indian: .7%

Asian: 1.1%

Hawaiian: .1%

Hispanic/Latino: 32.6%

White: 49.3%

Multi-Racial: 3.8%

English Language Learners: 19.4%

Low-Income: 36%

Special Education: 17%



Bradford Breasure, Principal, Selbyville M.S., $100,306

Judith Brittingham, Supervisor Special Education, $106,901

Celeste Bunting, Director Personnel, $138,146

Audrey Carey, Supervisor Elementary Education, $110,948

Karen Clausen, Principal, Showell E.S., $107,875

Heather Cramer, Principal, North Georgetown E.S., $102,341

Kelly Dorman, Principal, East Millsboro E.S., $104,842

Jeff Forjan, Assistant Principal, Selbyville M.S., $100,825

Janet Hickman, Principal, Georgetown Kindergarten Center, $118,532

David Hudson, Principal, Georgetown M.S., $106,051

Louann Hudson, Director Curriculum & Instruction, $120,868

Renee Jerns, Principal, Millsboro M.S., $111,194

Bradley Layfield, Principal, Sussex Central H.S., $108,790

Jason Macrides, Principal, Selbyville M.S., $103,952

Bennett Murray, Assistant Principal, Clayton E.S., $100,921

Ivan Neal, Assistant Principal, $102,475

Jack Owens Jr., Assistant Superintendent, $128,126

Carissa Pepper, Specialist Data Services, $104,430

Kris Perfetti, Principal, Howard T. Ennis School, $106,697

Brice Reed, Assistant Principal, $109,772

Jeanette Steele, Director Business, $116,017

Mark Steele, Superintendent, $150,430 (four years ago former Superintendent Susan Bunting made $165,855 while Steele made $117,924 as an Assistant Superintendent)

Neil Strong, Principal, Georgetown E.S., $101,495

Pamela Webb, Principal, Lord Baltimore E.S., $103,567

Mike Williams, Principal, Indian River H.S., $112,302


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