Colonial School District Salaries Over $100,000

Colonial School District

I underestimated Colonial School District for years.  I always thought they were just kind of there and they were off my radar.  I didn’t write much about them.  Under the leadership of Superintendent Dusty Blakey, Colonial is changing before our very eyes.  How and why is something I plan on writing much more about in the future.  Colonial struggles to hit that 10,000 student mark.  They face the same thing other districts up there do as they are surrounded by charter schools.  Which baffles me why Blakey would push for the district to be an authorizer of Delaware Academy of Public Safety & Security.  But I digress.  Colonial’s board is in for a massive shake-up in the upcoming school board election so it will be interesting to see where this district goes in the future.  Blakey is everywhere these days, attending meetings in Dover all the time and pushing for public/private partnerships.  But a growing discontent among teachers in his district may force Blakey to take a second look at his big push for more Relay Graduate School teachers.  The district does have 6 less administrators making $100,000 and over than they did 4 years ago. 


Colonial School District:

16 Schools

9,819 Students, four years ago: 9,976

48 Over $100k



African-American: 44.3%

American Indian: .2%

Asian: 2.6%

Hawaiian: .2%

Hispanic/Latino: 21.5%

White: 27.9%

Multi-Racial: 3.2%

English Language Learners: 11.4%

Low-Income: 39.8%

Special Education: 17.7%



Jennifer Alexander, Principal, Pleasantville, $135,072

Paula Angelucci, Supervisor, Nutrition Services, $142,941

Nicholas Baker, Supervisor, Soc. Studies, Science, Etc., $112,191

Daniel Bartnik, Principal, Bedford Gunning, $115,000

Christal Beasley, Principal, Leach, $125,025

Dolan (Dusty) Blakey, Superintendent, $176,384 (the former Superintendent, Dorothy Linn, made $185,724 four years ago, Blakey, an Assistant Superintendent at the time, made $153,842)

Lisa Brewington, Assistant Principal, William Penn, $105,905

Richard Bryson, Assistant Principal, Southern E.S., $102,828

Sherrie Clark, Director, Curriculum & Instruction, $131,084

Jon Cooper, Director, Student Services, $145,560

Katrina Daniels, Assistant Principal, Colwyck Center, $104,921

Lindsay DiEmidio, Assistant Principal, Southern E.S., $110,058

Stephen DiGennaro, Assistant Principal, McCullough, $120,007

David Distler, Principal, Eisenberg, $123,200

Tierney DuBard, Assistant Principal, William Penn, $123,413

Lori Duerr, Assistant Superintendent, $151,172

Marc Emerick, Assistant Principal, Gunning Bedford, $105,850

Brian Erskine, Principal, William Penn, $133,652

Emily Falcon, Chief Financial Officer, $138,242

Elizabeth Fleetwood, Director, Human Resources, $146,217

Thomas Gavin, Supervisor, Instructional Technology, $105,745

Jeffory Gibeault, Principal, Southern E.S., $128,512

Karen Gilbert, Director, Operations, $161,783

Valarie Hickman, Assistant Principal, Eisenberg, $122,790

Elizabeth Howell, Principal, Wilbur, $141,772

Roberta Jacobs, Assistant Principal, $105,893

William Johnston, Assistant Principal, William Penn, $105,000

Erik Jones, Assistant Principal, William Penn, $105,838

Michelle Jones, Assistant Principal, Read M.S., $120,007

Nneka Jones, Principal, New Castle E.S., $135,072

Crystal Lancour, Supervisor, Math, $114,107

Peter Leida, Director, Elementary Schools, $148,863

Jeffrey Menzer, Director, Secondary Schools, $148,822

Andrew Moffett, Supervisor, Transportation, $129,726

Janissa Nuneville, Principal, Castle Hills, $125,068

Ige Purnell, Principal, McCullough, $136,174

Michael Rees, Assistant Principal, McCullough, $133,422

Urahn Roberts, Assistant Principal, Gunning Bedford, $120,007

TeRay Ross, Assistant Principal, Castle Hills, $104,752

Stacie Ruiz, Principal, Wilmington Manor, $139,654

Holly Sage, Principal, Read M.S., $141,906

Virginia Schreppler, Assistant Principal, Leach, $107,946

Philip Smallwood, Supervisor, IT, $105,000

Douglas Timm, Principal, Downie, $125,362

Kevin White, Principal, Wallin School, $129,913

Jennifer Wisowaty, Assistant Principal, William Penn, $105,000

Nicholas Wolfe, Assistant Principal, Read M.S., $105,758

James Zimmerman Jr., Deputy Principal, William Penn, $123,096


One thought on “Colonial School District Salaries Over $100,000

  1. It would be greatly appreciated if the secretaries could at least get a decent pay increase, the work in schools is over whelming money with 48 administrators with 6 figure pays totalling to $6,025,710.00 is heart wrenching, when secretary are constantly putting out fires and their lives being in jeopardy. Where is the hearts with showing appreciation


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