Cape Henlopen School District Salaries Over $100,000

Travelling to Sussex County, the Cape Henlopen School District is a very unique district.  The taxpayers in Cape Henlopen pass referenda at a much higher rate than most districts in Delaware.  This is considered to be a wealthier district in the state.  Their student count has gone up by about 600 students over the past four years.  Cape doesn’t have as many schools and their student count is significantly lower than, say, Caesar Rodney.  Yet they have more administrators with less students and less buildings.  This is, in large part, due to the fact that the taxpayers are more willing to pass referendum which establishes local funding for school districts.  With that being said, they have two less administrators making over $100,000 than they did four years ago.

Cape Henlopen School District:

9 Schools

5,451 Students

30 Over $100k



African-American: 12.4%

American Indian: .4%

Asian: 1.5%

Hawaiian: .1%

Hispanic/Latino: 15.9%

White: 65.9%

Multi-Racial: 3.7%

English Language Learners: 7.5%

Low-Income: 29%

Special Education: 17%



Amanda Archambault, Assistant Principal, Sussex Consortium, $103,882

Brian Bassett, Director Capital Improvement, $130,501

Susan Berry, Assistant Principal, Sussex Constortium, $113,914

Alfred (Fred) Best, Principal, Mariner M.S., $112,833

Vivian Bush, Principal, Sussex Consortium, $126,298

William Collick, Dean of Students, Cape Henlopen H.S., $112,931

Mary Elizabeth Conaway, Principal, Milton E.S., $129,480

Jeffrey Conrad, Supervisor Special Education, $129,396

Richard Crisci, Supervisor Transportation, $103,987

Michael Dmiterchik, Assistant Principal, Cape Henlopen H.S., $110,696

Susan Donahue, Principal, Rehoboth E.S., $126,162

David Frederick, Principal, Beacon M.S., $112,833

Robert Fulton, Superintendent, $176,610 (four years ago his overall salary including perks was $154,821 which has gone up considerably)

Ned Gladfelter, Principal, Brittingham E.S., $112,093

Oliver Gumbs, Director Business Operations, $121,185

Wendy Harrington, Assistant Principal, Love Creek E.S., $113,436

Steven Huber, Assistant Principal, Sussex Consortium, $114,438

Donna Kolakowski, Supervisor Elementary Education, $123,058

Nikki Miller, Principal, Cape Henlopen H.S., $113,942

Lisa Morris, Assistant Principal, Beacon M.S., $106,279

Patricia Mumford, Principal, Love Creek E.S., $112,093

Jennifer Erin Nauman, Principal, Shields E.S., $117.729

Doris Person, Assistant Principal, Rehoboth E.S., $115,378

Cathy Petitgout, Assistant Superintendent, $137,091

Joanne Reihm, Assistant Principal, Mariner M.S., $112,964

Randolph Reynolds, Information Technology Supervisor, $105,609

Lenny Richardson, Supervisor Facilities, $109,052

Patti Seabolt, Assistant Principal, Brittingham E.S., $110,309

Edward Waples, Supervisor Human Resources, $123,058

Michael Young, Supervisor Secondary Education, $113,992


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