Brandywine School District Salaries Over $100,000

Next up is Brandywine School District.  Located at the top of Delaware if you are looking at a map, Brandywine has 10,400 students.  This number has hovered around that amount for the past few years.  Given that, the number of administrators in Brandywine making over $100,000 has gone down dramatically over the past four years.  In 2014, they had 71 making that coveted number.  Now, they have 55.  In 2016, the district went through a tumultuous referendum process.  This could account for the reduction in administrators in the district.  Four years ago, Superintendent Dr. Mark Holodick was the highest paid administrator in Delaware’s public schools.  As a reminder, these salaries are only the base salary and doesn’t include extra perks.  Back in 2014, including those perks, The News Journal estimated Holodick’s salary at $214,176.  If those perks are still the same, Holodick got a huge raise from the district!

Brandywine School District:

16 Schools

10,475 Students

55 Over $100k



African-American: 37.9%

American Indian: .4%

Asian: 6.7%

Hawaiian: .1%

Hispanic/Latino: 6.7%

White: 45.4%

Multi-Racial: 2.7%

English Language Learners: 5.4%

Low-Income: 29.8%

Special Education: 15.9%



Matthew Auerbach, Principal, Mt. Pleasant E.S., $125,090

Heather Austin, Principal, Mt. Pleasant H.S., $133,286

Ella Burton, Assistant Principal, Mt. Pleasant H.S., $123,452

Curi Calderon-Lacy, Assistant Principal, Mt. Pleasant H.S., $123,452

Marqueia Davis, Assistant Principal, Concord H.S., $123,452

Courtney Devane, Supervisor Transportation, $125,065

Kimberly Doherty, Executive Director Human Resources, $143,941

Kimberly Fawks, Assistant Principal, Mt. Pleasant E.S., $115,256

James Fedena Jr., Assistant Principal, Maple Lane E.S., $115,256

Ann Fitzgerald, Supervisor Arts & Enrichment, $131,647

Pamela Gouge, Supervisor Food Service, $131,647

Tamara Grimes-Stewart, Principal, Claymont E.S., $125,090

Jason Hale, Chief Financial Officer, $147,219

Brenda Harrell, Supervisor Special Programs, $131,647

Michelle Erin Hawley, Supervisor Mathematics, $131,647

Lincoln Holler, Assistant Superintendent, $152,137

Mark Holodick, Superintendent, $199,677 (four years ago his base salary was $175, 401 but the News Journal estimated his complete salary with perks to be $214,176.  If those perks are the same, his current salary with perks would be $238,452)

Paul Iaboni, Assistant Principal, Lancashire E.S., $115,256

Linda Jarman, Acting Principal, Lombardy E.S., $118,836

Wendy Johns, Assistant Principal, Carrcroft E.S., $115,256

Lavina Jones-Davis, Principal, Lancashire E.S., $125,090

Michelle Kutch, Supervisor STEM, Science, Social Studies, $131,647

Jeffrey Langrehr, Assistant Principal, Concord H.S., $123,452

Lisa Lawson, Director Special Education & Student Services, $143,941

Mark Mayer, Principal, Talley M.S., $129,188

Michael McDermott, Principal, Forwood E.S., $118,836

Delethia McIntire, Principal, P.S. DuPont M.S., $129,188

Yolanda McKinney, Principal, Concord H.S., $133,286

Yulonda Murray, Principal, Maple Lane E.S., $125,090

Mark Overly, Principal, Carrcroft E.S., $125,090

Leonard Potter, Assistant Principal, P.S. DuPont M.S., $120,882

Priceson Princilus, Assistant Principal, Talley M.S., $119,354

John Read, Supervisor Facilities, $131,647

Martin Regan, Assistant Principal, Talley M.S., $123,452

Cary Riches, Director Curriculum & Instruction, $143,941

Kenneth Rivera, Assistant Principal, Brandywine H.S., $117,729

Tracey Roberts, Assistant Principal, Mt. Pleasant E.S., $115,256

Keith Rolph, Principal, Brandywine H.S., $133,286

Christopher Romano, Assistant Principal, Claymont E.S., $115,256

Kim Roop, Assistant Principal, Lombardy E.S., $115,256

Devearl Royster, Assistant Principal, Springer M.S., $119,354

Lynn Scanlan, Assistant Principal, Springer M.S., $119,354

Julie Schmidt, Supervisor Accountability & Assessment, $131,647

Cora Scott, Executive Director Elementary Education, $143,941

James Simmons III, Executive Director Secondary Education, $143,941

Larry Snow, Assistant Principal, Hanby E.S., $115,256

Patricia Staker, Supervisor Technology, $131,647

Brent Thorpe, Assistant Principal, P.S. DuPont M.S., $119,354

Kristina Viar, Principal, Bush Pre-School, $125,090

Wallace Waite, Assistant Principal, Mt. Pleasant H.S., $123,452

Reshid Walker, Assistant Principal, Harlan E.S., $115,256

Hekima Wicker, Principal, Harlan E.S., $125,090

Veronica Wilkie, Principal, Hanby E.S., $125,090

Angela Williams, Assistant Principal, Claymont E.S., $122,475

Tracy Woodson, Principal, Springer M.S., $129,188

1 thought on “Brandywine School District Salaries Over $100,000

  1. How does any organization retain talent without compensation? If the district schools are meeting competitive performance metrics, providing a high quality education and the district has already trimmed the fat then these folks deserve these rates.


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