State Board of Education Has A New Member

Delaware State Board of Education

Either I fell asleep at the wheel or this happened very fast, but the Delaware State Board of Education has a new board member.  This new person replaces State Board member Patrick Heffernan.

Dr. Audrey Noble was confirmed yesterday by the Delaware Senate.

The State Board of Education provided Noble’s biography on their website:

Dr. Audrey Noble was appointed to the State Board of Education on March 14, 2018 by Governor John Carney.  Her term expires in January 2021.

Audrey Noble received a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish/French/Secondary Education from WestminsterCollege in 1971. She later received a Masters of Education in Counselor Education from Pennsylvania State University in 1974. She also holds a Ph.D. from Arizona State University in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, awarded in 1994. Before moving to Delaware in 1994, she was involved in educational research at Arizona State University.  Upon moving to Delaware she worked in various roles for the Delaware Education Research & Development Center at the University of Delaware and served as a faculty member in the School of Urban Affairs & Public Policy. Upon her retirement from the University in 2012, she started A Noble Evaluation Group and currently provides external evaluation services to non-profit organizations across Delaware.

Audrey Noble has served on numerous education commissions and task forces including prior appointments by then Lt. Governor John Carney to the Task Force on Class Size and Unit County Allocation in 2006 and the HOPE Commission, Education Subcommittee in 2005. She has served as an instructor for the Teachers’ Network Leadership Institute of Delaware from 2005-2008 and the co-chair of the Data Subcommittee of the Delaware P-20 Council from 2004-2008.  Additionally, Dr. Noble was appointed to fill a vacant seat on the Brandywine School Board in January 2011 and was then elected to that same seat in May 2011.  She resigned from that position after moving out of the district following her retirement. 

She currently resides in Frankford, Delaware and volunteers with several community organizations including Sussex Habitat for Humanity, the Food Bank of Delaware, Rehoboth Film Society, and CASA.  

Since taking office in January 2017, he has nominated four new spots on the State Board of Education.  Since I began blogging almost four years ago, there are only two State Board members that were around back then: Whittaker and Rutt.  If memory serves, Heffernan still had a few years left.  Former Governor Jack Markell renominated him for the State Board a couple of years ago.  Welcome to the State Board of Education Dr. Audrey Noble!



2 thoughts on “State Board of Education Has A New Member

  1. Hi this question is directed to Dr. Noble. My question is directed to disciplinary action taken on a repetitive nature toward a student, to whom appears to be used as an example to others on a behavioral note. In past times many written notes of behavior of said student were never addressed, to the parent or guardian of said child. These such complaints were filed and never discussed in detail. When asked to produce all notices filled, they were never presented. There have [been 2 currant notices filled against the same student which resulted to a day off offence. This will occur on a Friday’s. What court of action as a Parent can one take to curtail, such actions as these to prevent, this child from inhalation from the School? Thank You


  2. Gee, I wish I could translate Jan’s question? I can’t tell what she’s talking about. But, then, she didn’t direct it to me but to Noble. I wish they still taught English in schools.


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