Temporarily Closed Due To A Brief Hiatus


Hello all! I just wanted to announce I will be taking a break on here for a bit.  Not a long break, just a brief hiatus.  Just need to get some stuff sorted out.  I know several folks who I’ve been talking to lately about things.  I am not ignoring you.  I just have some “real-life” stuff to deal with.  I’ll most likely be back in a week or so.

All Schools Smyrna And Up Are Closed Today! Legislative Hall Cancels Committee Meetings As A Result!


Families from Smyrna to Brandywine got the early morning robo-call today- Snow Day!  Last night’s nor’easter hit New Castle County with anywhere from 1-3 inches of snow.  Because of this, the legislators canceled any committee meetings scheduled for today.  Meanwhile, all districts Capital and south have school!  So… New Castle teachers and students… what are you doing today?  Have fun!