Caesar Rodney Board Member Scott Wilson In Hot Water Over Cursing At Parent & Discriminatory Remarks

Caesar Rodney School District

A picture of an email sent to the Caesar Rodney School District Board of Education is making the rounds on social media today.  In the email, a high school Junior alleges Scott Wilson cursed at a parent about school walkouts planned in response to the Parkland school shooting two weeks ago.  The email went on to say Wilson referred to the alumna’s daughter (also a CR student) as “an asshole Democrat” and said her other daughter goes to a “shit liberal bullshit” college.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Further in the email the parent indicates this wasn’t the first time Wilson has exhibited this type of unacceptable behavior.  Last Spring, during a forum on diversity, Wilson allegedly made disparaging remarks about transgender students.

Under current Delaware law, school board members are unable to be removed from office.  A recent bill (still in circulation) from State Rep. Paul Baumbach proposed to give the State Board of Education the ability to remove local school district board members with a 60% vote and the Governor would have to agree.  While I opposed the bill, a situation like this, if true, would certainly warrant some type of apparatus to remove Wilson from the Board of Education if he does not resign.

Wilson, a Delaware attorney, was mentioned in an article from WDEL last October.

The family of the special needs student beaten at Caesar Rodney High School and a school board member openly argue during school board meeting Wednesday night in Wyoming.

School Board member P. Scott Wilson, Eastburn and the Boyles family–including the student who was shown being beaten on video–then had a public spat.

It sounds to me like Wilson may have some anger issues and is unable to contain himself as an elected official.

Caesar Rodney School District needs to get their act together!  Between this, the Facebook censorship, the situation with the CR mascot, and the disabled student getting beaten up in the high school cafeteria while no one stopped the fight, this is getting ridiculous!


13 thoughts on “Caesar Rodney Board Member Scott Wilson In Hot Water Over Cursing At Parent & Discriminatory Remarks

    1. This man needs to be gone. He has a chip on his shoulder and has no business representing Caesar Rodney School District. He is disgrace to the rest of the board members.


  1. School board members are subject to the Delaware Code of Conduct Law, and thus are required to exhibit the highest level of ethical behavior at all times. An appeal to the State Ethics Commission can be filed by any Delaware Citizen who believes a school board member’s actions are unethical.


  2. Much of the yak-yak about “education” is frustrating and incomprehensible to me because it focuses on the business models of schools, testing and measurement, etc., rather than what is taught in them. This piece makes sense to me, especially compared to the stupidity of Mr. Wilson and his ilk around the country.


  3. if you want to put out an article slandering somebody, maybe you should check your facts and tell the whole unbiased story. did you even bother to check mr wilson’s side of the story? if you did, you would realize this is a falsified story and mr wilson is a respected and dedicated member of the school board.


  4. you talk about censorship and how CR needs to “get it together”, yet you delete my comment because you won’t allow the public to see the other side?


  5. Somehow….”conservatives” always seem to believe in limited government when it comes to (for example) taxing or regulating big businesses, but they are all for using government to harass citizens–even high schoolers working to protect themselves from gun nuts. The double standard is breathtaking.


  6. I have seen Mr. Wilson go off the rails and become very inappropriate. He attacked the victim (of a crime) of an attack in his district. He regularly violates board policy while his fellow board members do nothing to stop him, or follow blindly behind not correcting the matters. He is a big blow hard bully – wake up Mr. Wilson – you can’t bully me – you can’t stop me – and you will never shut me up! I see you needed you wife to try to deflect other reported offences – I would dare her to say anything using her name directed to me! How anyone can defend his pathetic behavior is beyond the realm of logic. Maybe while Mr. Wilson sits through board meetings with sunglasses on – maybe we should have someone come to do a sobriety test. Everyone would have to admit – black sunglasses while inside a board meeting is additional odd behavior – what is he hiding? CR residents – he has put his name in the ring and is running again! It is you duty to sent this man a loud signal – you do not want him – your vote more then ever counts now!!! There are others who are running that I believe have a conflict because they are currently an employee, another has yet to return my call. Then there is a lady running who I will reach out to next week! Keep in mind Mr. Bush is running for a state position – so – if he wins – is he stepping down? Keep in mind Mr. Bush and Wilson are both lawyers – each individually should understand and prevent the board from violating laws – but no – they sit there like children going along with the plan! How can Mr. Bush be a legislator when he doesn’t even follow the law at a board meeting. These elections coming up in this area are mine fields! You all need to vote!


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