Until a certain troll who just wants to stir up trouble who is no longer welcome on this blog goes away, all comments will be held in moderation.  I’m very sorry about that, but these are the house rules for now.  My apologies to those who this doesn’t apply to, but this person has written under different aliases and IP addresses for years.  If I can fix the issue with WordPress I certainly will.  Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Trolling

  1. I rotten apple always spoils a bunch. On another topic. Is there DOE data on how many school resource officers/ constables/ or whatever they are called in each school/ district? That would be good to know. Thanks!


  2. When you start a public forum, you necessarily expose yourself to trolling. That’s how free internet works. Sounds about right coming from this one-sided, politically driven blog. Not at all surprised you would shut down others.


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