What Tom Wagner’s Retirement Means For The State Auditor’s Office

Tom Wagner

The loooooooong-time State Auditor, Tom Wagner, announced he was retiring last night at the annual Delaware GOP Lincoln Dinner.  He couldn’t think of a single Republican to take his place.  As many have suggested, the flip-flopper Kathy McGuiness should switch from Democrat to Republican since that is where her heart lies.  Which would leave Dennis Williams as the sole filed Democrat.  May I present a third option…

I posted months ago that Kathleen Davies has serious intent to run for State Auditor.  She knows the lay of the land and she knows how to run a good audit.  Furthermore, she would not be beholden to Pete Schwartzkopf and Valerie Longhurst.  Kathy McGuiness?  Yes.  Dennis Williams?  Yes.  Kathleen Davies?  A big fat no!  She would do what so many of us have been begging for: do real audits with real ramifications.  Lest we forget, she was the one who did the audits on Delaware Military Academy, Academy of Dover, Family Foundations Academy, and Providence Creek Academy.  All found serious fraud in those charter schools.  She found schools that were skimming from special education funding.  That was the report that Tom Wagner pulled and redid a few months later after her leave of absence.

Let’s get back to that leave of absence.  It was a way of making her go away.  She found something and Wagner shut her up.  It wasn’t just that.  Someone was telling Wagner to do that.  Someone bigger.  It could have been many people.  I’ve always had a strong hunch who it was but have been unable to prove anything.  It’s not like Wagner is going to tell me.  But I also take solace in knowing one day it will come out.

We are still months away until some serious campaigning gets going.  A lot can happen between now and then.  A lot WILL happen between now and then.  It is time to take the corruption out of Delaware.  We have been living with the stench of it for far too long.  There are many who don’t want this who are comfortable with the status quo.  That gives them power and they have held onto it for FAR too long.  We need someone honest who can get the job done.  And that person is Kathleen Davies.

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