Guest Post By “George Glass”: Regulation 225- What’s The Big Deal?

The following post came to me by someone with the handle of “George Glass”.  For those who know their Brady Bunch history, it should be easy to see why they chose that name, especially in light of the current controversy over Regulation 225!

Delaware pretty much exploded last month about the Department of Education’s Regulation 225, which folks focused on as the “transgender protection” regulation to the exclusion of the (arguably more interesting) racial self-identification, also included in the regulation. I say it’s more interesting, although I know that when I say WHY folks are gonna lose their collective shit because once again I’m calling it out.

Why did everyone flip about parental rights and only discuss the transgender aspect of it?

It’s cute how you thought I was asking a serious question.

It’s because Delaware, and especially southern Delaware, is bright, streaming, American-flag-on-my-everything RED, although to be fair there’s plenty above the ditch who are and lots in SLD who aren’t. Yeah, SLD. That’s what you actually call slower lower, not the LSD you see on bumper stickers. In case you were wondering.

Now, I’m not saying everyone who votes GOP is homophobic, or transphobic. I AM saying that a whole lot of people who came out in full force opposition to Reg 225 are. Most specifically, the ones who bitched about it as a parental rights issue but never once mentioned the racial self-identification. Did you even know it was in there? That IS a serious question

My goal here isn’t to change your mind. I don’t actually want you to change your mind. You can think however you want about whatever you want. Tolerance implies no lack of conviction to one’s beliefs, to misquote JFK. What I DO want you to do is admit what your actual problem with Reg 225 is. That’s all. A little honesty goes a long way. You don’t agree with “transgenders” (which isn’t a thing, btw, so….) and you don’t want kids with penises in the girl’s room and you are absolutely convinced schools are going to indoctrinate everyone and keep it all secret. Okay. Because that scenario doesn’t totally open schools up to significant liability, and individual staff to loss of career. It doesn’t even make logical SENSE that schools would seek to keep a trans kid’s identity secret at their own risk.

What you do need to understand, though, in addition to the fact that we definitely know you are using parental rights as an excuse to discriminate against kids who are already facing significant risk of self-harm, suicide, homelessness, rejection by friends and family, physical and mental and emotional abuse and assault, and an almost-unbearable sense of not even fitting in their own skin, is that we aren’t going to let you ruin the lives of innumerable CHILDREN because of your unchecked bigotry.

Do what you want, and say what you will, the fact will remain that school staff are legally obligated to NOT tell you things like that, unless there is risk of harm to the student or to others. Kids have rights, too, y’all, and if you are living with a child who identifies as transgender and you don’t already know, you might want to seriously consider having your vision, hearing, and mental acuity checked, because this isn’t a condition that happens overnight, and there are signs. If a teacher who sees your kid an hour a day a few days a week can tell, why can’t you?

Maybe it isn’t the schools that are the problem here.


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Kevin Ohlandt

I am a proud parent of a son with Tourette's Syndrome and several other co-morbidities. I write on this blog to educate other parents so they know a bit more about not only special education, but all the really bad things that are happening with public schools in Delaware and the USA. We are all in this together, and if our children aren't able to advocate for themselves it's up to us parents! We need to stop letting companies run our schools, and demand our children get a proper education. Our Departments of Education in our states have become weak with fear from the bullying US DOE, and we need to take back our schools!

12 thoughts on “Guest Post By “George Glass”: Regulation 225- What’s The Big Deal?”

  1. Seems to be another example, and a poor one, of fake news. George Glass is clearly not proud of his/her statement, since a pseudonym was used. Since he/she is so unhappy with everyone in Delaware, I would suggest they move to a place that would welcome George Glass’ ideas, maybe he/she should relocate to Iran or Egypt or Pakistan or Venezuela or Nigeria, I’m sure they would appreciate hearing from George, I certainly did not as there was nothing constructive presented.

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    1. I value your opinion just as much as George’s opinion. I don’t discriminate against people voicing their opinion on here. I may not always agree with every opinion but I will never say “you can’t post it” or move to countries where those opinions would clearly be a violation of some crazy laws.


      1. It’s not an opinion when the person commenting insults other people calling them bigots, SLD’s, GOP, homophobic/transphobic, “b—– about it” and “losing their s—“. The opinion presented by George might be taken seriously if it wasn’t laced with so much profanity and disdain for others.


        1. That’s part of the problem. There are bigots in Delaware. I have seen it over this issue. You rail on George for addressing it but I have seen transgender students referred to as queer, faggots, and the like. Don’t tell me it hasn’t happened. I’ve seen it with my very own eyes on social media. In terms of GOP, many of the efforts opposing this legislation have been Republican led. Rep Rich Collins got the ball rolling and every single legislator in attendance at the meeting last week was Republican. In terms of “slower lower”, I have always taken offense to that term. It sounds like folks south of the canal aren’t as bright as those north of it. Which is entirely false! I live in “slower lower”. There is no intellectual superiority up there. We are all the same Delawareans. That kind of mentality was what led to the WEIC defeat in the General Assembly, something I warned them about at their very first meeting. Sadly, what happens north of the canal seems to dictate what happens in the entire state with many education matters.


          1. Since you have commented for “George” on all my responses, it is assumed you are “George” and trying to camouflage your identity using a TV character as a reference. If you are not “George” tell him/her to argue their own position, they don’t need a mouthpiece if they are sincere about their position on the issue.
            In your first accusation – “There are bigots in Delaware.” You may be correct but let me enlighten you since you evidently haven’t lived outside the state, there are bigots everywhere.
            Your second accusation – “you rail on “George” for addressing it…” As you pointed out in your earlier text, I was not “railing” simply stating an opinion without the benefit of cuss words and hateful name calling. Like most liberal Democrats you accuse others of what you are doing yourself.
            Your third accusation – “There is no intellectual superiority up there.” – Your argument is hollow because you are displaying your “intellectual superiority” by telling people what they should think, how they should act, who they should listen to. You actually think protecting people from themselves is a righteous position.
            Your fourth accusation – “We are all the same Delawareans.” – Wrong. We are not the same, as transgender people will attest to. We live in Delaware, pay taxes in Delaware, but each of us have different life experiences and prejudices from which our opinions and thoughts are formed.
            I will stop writing at this point because it is a futile effort to try to discuss a subject with a argumentative person.


          2. I am not George Glass. It was a guest post. I shoot my mouth off enough that I don’t ever feel the need to write under a pseudonym. How long have you been reading this blog Ginny?
            It is my opinion you “railed” on George. Like I said, I may not always agree with your opinion and just as it is your right to express your opinion it is also my right to object to it. I am not a liberal Democrat. Nor am I a conservative Republican. I am in the middle as I’ve stated more times than I can count.
            I’m not telling anyone what to think or how they should act. George may have, but I did not.
            When I say we are all the same Delawareans, we are all from Delaware and we all bleed the same blood. As in we are all human beings and should treat each other as such.
            I have lived in Delaware since 2004. Before that I lived in NY, VA, PA, CA and even Sweden. I am well aware of bigotry in other states but Regulation 225 is a Delaware thing.


  2. Kevin and Ginny, I would like to add my 2 cents into the conversation. I believe the whole country has gone completely crazy and way overboard with all the transgender hype. My personal feelings are that school age children/high school age should not be permitted to identify as a different gender other then their natural born gender during school hours or on school property. They can dress and act how they want but their gender remains what they were born as. It is also the parents responsibility to educate their child on the resistance they will face in school, community, church, etc. Yes, children do have rights, however limited until they are 18. Under age 18 the parents are responsible for them in every way. Parents of a transgender child demand respect and consideration for their child. I believe that forcing an entire community to change for the very few is disrespectful and inconsiderate of them. Therefore, if they want respect and consideration for their child they have to be willing to give the same back to the other children in the school and citizens in their community. I also believe it is very unhealthy for the child that wants to identify as transgender if the parents agree and approve 100% of their choice. As parents always question our children’s choices and never agree 100% of the time. They may have those thoughts and feelings at the current moment, but as they mature they may themselves change their views about who they really are or want to be. I believe if you have a child that identifies as a transgender the best thing for them is to be supportive, understanding, compassionate, and respectful of their choice. Parents and the child say they just want to be treated as normal people. Therefore, it is equally important for the parents to educate their child that being transgender does not permit them any additional rights above any other human being. Nor does being transgender qualify them as a special or protected class of citizen.


    1. It sounds as though you believe it is a choice? I don’t think a child just “chooses” to identify as something, just like I don’t think a person chooses to be gay, lesbian, or bi.

      “It is also the parents responsibility to educate their child on the resistance they will face in school, community, church, etc.” Or, parents should just instill the morals of treating others kindly, regardless of race, sexual preference, or identity…especially if they go to church. It isn’t someone getting special treatment. It’s treating others kindly.


  3. I hope everyone can agree on one point in regard to 225-it is a very sensitive topic. I don’t believe transgender students CHOOSE to be transgender. Why would anyone CHOOSE a more difficult path? These students should be allowed to be who they are.

    Having said that, 225, in the end, is really not about that sole issue. It is about self-identification on more than one area. It IS about the erosion of parental rights and the forced roles of the schools, its teachers, counselors, nurses and administrators in making decisions that should be a family issue first.

    Governor Carney should have been a leader and dealt with this in a transparent, straight-forward way. Instead, he uses Dr. Bunting and the DOE as a scapegoat to float a political balloon so his hands would not get dirty. Governor Carney- Delaware is waiting for YOU to lead.

    In reference to SLD- only an ignorant upstate would discount those of us in SLD. When you drive to vacation here, how is SLD look then? If we are so out of touch, please leave us alone and vacation on the Jersey Shore. It may actually be a shorter drive.

    Those of us who CHOOSE SLD are PROUD to be here. In Delaware, Sussex County seems like the forgotten county when so many resources are thrown at Wilmington. We have children of poverty here. We have parents and grandparents of all RACES and CREEDS here who want the best for our children. We are Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Libertarians. We agree and we disagree, but we are proud to live where we live.

    Remember the forgotten in the last election?

    Please do us a favor- stay in New Castle .


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