Margie Lopez-Waite Blows Off Her Own School For Super Bowl Parade & Helping Another School

Eagles Super Bowl Parade

That didn’t take long.  According to First State Update, Las Americas Aspiras Academy will close school on Thursday due to the Super Bowl parade for the Philadelphia Eagles.  As well, Lopez-Waite has been spending a lot of time over at Delaware Academy of Public Safety & Security trying to help them out.  With all these extracurricular and non-paying functions, how does she have time for the school she is entrusted to watch over?  Parents are ticked off according to the article on First State Update:

This is absolutely ridiculous. The Eagles parade is more important than school?! Not to mention I can’t call in to work and take off with an asinine reason of my kids school closed for the parade.

But Lopez-Waite stood firm in her decision basically blowing off parents gripes about the school closing:

Since our first year I have stated that I would close school when the Eagles won the Super Bowl. I didn’t know if the day would ever come but here we are…and I believe in keeping my promises.

Oh, like the promise to be the Head of School at LAAA and putting students first?  Say, since Margie is the new Board President for DAPSS, does that mean they get to close on Thursday as well?  Way to inconvenience parents there!  Want to know what my job would say?  They would say “suck it up buttercup!”  Seriously, if I asked for a day off to go to a parade they would tell me I would be held accountable!  I understand you might be an Eagles fan Margie but you don’t close your school so YOU can go to a parade.  Because the next thing you know schools will be closed for other “special events”.

What’s your take?  Should schools close for the Super Bowl parade in Philly?

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