FINAL Delaware 2018 School Board Candidate Filings

Delaware 2018 School Board Elections

The deadline to file was 4:30pm TODAY folks!  We now have a list of final school board candidate filings.  Quite a few are running unopposed so congratulations to new (or incumbent) school board members!  There will be some races including a few three-way races and a four-way race in Caesar Rodney! The 2018 Delaware School Board Election season has begun!  The races are in bold.  The actual election won’t be until May 8th.

FINAL LIST, last updated  3/2/2018, 6:31pm

Appoquinimink: Kelly Wright

Brandywine: District A- Shanika Perry, Renaldo Epps

Brandywine: District C- Ralph Ackerman (incumbent)

Caesar Rodney: John Moore, William Victory, Tracey Miller, P. Scott Wilson

Cape Henlopen: Area A- Jessica Tyndall

Capital: Sean Christiansen (incumbent)

Christina: District C- Fred Polaski (incumbent), Richard Jester, V.J. Leonard

Christina: District E- Christy Mannering, Keeley Powell

Colonial: District A- Ronald Handy

Colonial: District C- Ronnie Williams, Richard Schiller

Colonial: District G- Ana Viscarra-Gikas, Tanya Kerns, Robin Crossan

Delmar: Shawn Brittingham

Indian River: District 2- Rodney Layfield

Indian River: District 3- Dana Probert, Leolga Wright

Indian River: District 5- Carla Ziegler, Jeffrey Evans, Derek Cathell

Lake Forest: James Parsons, John Moyer III

Laurel: Sabrina Taylor Isler

Milford: Jason Miller

Milford: At-Large- David Markowitz, Michael McKain, David Vezmar

Red Clay Consolidated: District A- Adriana Bohm (incumbent)

Red Clay: District D- Joseph DiMichelle, Jose Matthews

Red Clay: District E- Jason Casper

Seaford: David Tull

Smyrna: Kristi Lloyd (incumbent), Gary Dodge

Woodbridge: Jeffrey Allen

There a ton of vacant slots in many school boards.  Colonial has three seats up for election which could change the make-up of their board substantially!  Same with Indian River!  All are five-year terms expiring in 2023 unless notated otherwise.  If there is no district, that means it is an “At-large seat”, meaning anyone who lives in the district and is over 18 can apply as long as you meet the Department of Elections criteria (i.e.: not a criminal).  Every traditional school district has an opening.  Here they are:


Brandywine: Districts A and C

Caesar Rodney

Cape Henlopen: Area “A”


Christina: Districts C and E

Colonial: Districts A, C and G, District G’s seat expires in 2019


Indian River: Districts 2, 3, and 5, District 5’s seat expires in 2019

Lake Forest


Milford: Area A and an at-large seat

Red Clay: Districts A, D, and E, District E’s seat expires in 2019




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