18 Who Will Make An Impact In 2018: Donyale Hall

Donyale Hall

When Delaware State Senator Brian Bushweller decided not to run for reelection in 2018, people started showing interest in the vacancy.  Within a couple of months, Donyale Hall put her hat in the ring for the 17th Senate District.  The Republican hails from south Dover and has made impressive headway with her campaign in a short time.  She could be facing a primary against fellow GOP member Justin King, the mayor of Camden, DE.  Which would bring her to a General Election against the only Democrat who has filed: Trey Paradee, currently the State Rep. for the 29th House District.

I met Hall last month at the Dover Christmas Tree lighting.  She was walking around carrying a “Hall for Senate” sign.  We talked for a bit, about education and Dover.  She is very concerned with the amount of crime in Dover and wants to make a difference.  She spoke with a passion for wanting the right things for Delawareans.  I want to hear more from her since I live in this district.  I’ve been around Paradee for many years and pretty much know his positions on most subjects.

Hall recently spoke out against the very controversial Regulation 225 and stated:

As a mother, I am appalled by the language of this regulation and the impetus against parental authority. SHAME on any governing body document which attempts to circumvent a parent. Please understand that I in no way condone discriminatory practices. However, there are ways to protect these children, absent parental exclusion.

While Hall has not officially filed as per the Kent County Department of Elections website, the Airforce veteran is getting out there which is what you are supposed to do when you are running for office.  She has experience with government as she worked for the United States Department of Labor as a program assistant.  On her Facebook page for her campaign, Hall wrote:

We can improve quality of life through greater access to opportunities, achievable goals, measurable outcomes, and transparency, “So that ALL May Prosper!”
As most Delawareans know, the State Senate is controlled by a majority of Democrats but only by one seat.  Can a small business owner from Dover change the face of the Delaware General Assembly?  Can she overcome the odds and beat a three-term State Rep?  We will find out in 2018!

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