17 Who Made An Impact In 2017: Yolanda Schlabach

Yolanda Schlabach

The biggest advocate against human sex trafficking in Delaware had a very busy year!  Yolanda Schlabach, the Greenwood, DE native, made sure key legislation on human sex trafficking in The First State passed in 2017.

I first met Schlabach at a seminar she gave in the Red Clay Consolidated School District last Spring.  I had heard of human sex trafficking but I had no idea how widespread it was and how many young lives were affected by it.  This prompted me to tackle the issue.  The very idea of any human being put in that position disgusts me to no end.

The two bills, signed by Delaware Governor John Carney last summer, gave added protections to victims and establishes a better advisory council to battle this disturbing crime.  It also goes after websites like Backpage, Kik and Craigslist where pimps regularly advertise the unwilling victims.  House Bill 164 and Senate Bill 75 both passed the Delaware House and Senate unanimously which is a clear indicator that our General Assembly loathes this topic as much as Schlabach does.  But Schlabach has been pushing for better protections for the victims of sex trafficking for a long time.  I was very happy to see her dreams come to fruition but I have no doubt in my mind her battle won’t be complete until human sex trafficking is completely eradicated in Delaware.  One person can make a difference!


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