State Rep. Paul Baumbach Asking For Ouster With Pending Legislation Allowing State Board of Education To Remove Local School District Board Members

DE State Rep. Paul Baumbach

I’ve seen some insane legislation in my day.  This one takes the cake.  State Rep. Paul Baumbach has put forth legislation which would give the State Board of Education the power to remove a sitting school district board member.  Way to take the local out of local control and hand it over to the state there Paul!  Are you kidding me?  I wish this was some horrible joke, but it isn’t.  How would Baumbach feel if some board could take away HIS power?  This guy is begging to be primaried and removed from office.  You can’t even make this stuff up!

As the crappy legislation states, if someone had a beef with a publicly elected school board member, the State Board of Education could remove that publicly elected school board member with a 60% vote.  The irony of a non-elected board getting the authority to remove an elected school board member should give you chills at night.  And of course the Governor would have to have final approval on it.

Note this legislation does not include charter school boards.  They aren’t elected either.  They are appointed.  God forbid if they are accused of wrongdoing.  Let that non-elected board take care of their own.

I don’t know if Baumbach slipped on a banana peel.  Word on the street is Senator David Sokola is the lead Senate co-sponsor.  Which makes these Newark buddies more transparent than Saran wrap with this.  Gunning for a certain elected board member I’m sure.  Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out and who is pushing them to do this.  Yeah, I know.  And don’t play coy with me next time we chat.  I’m sure the Governor would love to sign this bill since he thinks the state can do a better job with education than local school districts.

The State Board of Education has six members right now.  Which means it would take four of them to oust a school board member.  But they should be seven, which would then take five members to do it.  See where I’m going with this folks?

As for Baumbach, I can’t believe he actually put his name to this.  What in the name of Delaware politics is he thinking?  Stop listening to the folks at the swim club Paul.  They do not form the opinions of your entire district.  You once stood against this evaporation of local control and now you want to sign it away with the WORST bill I have ever seen come across my desk.  I hope this legislation dies a quick and painful death.

State Rep. John Kowalko issued a statement on this pending legislation (seen below):

I find this legislation to be one of the most unconstitutional assaults on the rights of voters and the decisions that they have made. To suggest that an Executive branch (Governor appointed and unelected) board should have the authority to overturn the decision of the voting public disregards both separation of powers and constitutional rights of those elected. If either of the two sponsors or the agitators for such a horrible piece of legislation have a problem with individual board members (as seems to be the case here) than they should come up with a lawful process attended to by lawful entities. This is the type of overreach that causes the public to doubt the sincerity and legitimacy of the laws we create and pass. I hope the sponsors of this proposed legislation quickly withdraw this legislation.

Representative John Kowalko

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