Christina Superintendent Gregg Releases Statement About Potential School Closures In Wilmington

Christina School District

After the proposed memorandum of understanding leaked to the News Journal yesterday, those affiliated with Christina’s Wilmington schools have been scratching their heads.  On the chopping block are three city schools.  It appears Superintendent Richard Gregg is perfectly okay with these changes that have yet to receive proper stakeholder feedback.  It looks like the “Community Conversation” meeting tonight at Stubbs Elementary School will give out a lot of the details.  I really hope the communities on both the East and West sides of Wilmington come and say “How dare you” to both the Governor and the district for embarking on a plan that could be approved before funding is even approved, gives no certainties about what happens to students after 8th grade in those schools, and has been planned and schemed behind closed doors long before the public caught wind of it.



7 thoughts on “Christina Superintendent Gregg Releases Statement About Potential School Closures In Wilmington

  1. Wow, they came up with a plan and now is presenting it to the public and your beating them up about it. Let them explain what is going on first, before you shoot off your big mouth! “It appears Superintendent Richard Gregg is perfectly okay with these changes.”
    And, he says; “we have many more questions than answers, about the proposed plan and what it will look like in it’s final form.”

    So, instead of being confrontational, why don’t you get your questions and send it to the email provided!


    1. Wow, you continue to defend things of which you either a) know everything about, b) know nothing about, or c) just want to be a pain in the ass. First off, this plan was not “presented” to the public. It was leaked, while in draft form. But funny how Gregg is trying to sell the idea of the draft. They read this blog. I don’t see them coming on here to answer my questions. I guarantee more people vested in these decisions will read what I put on here than will attend these meetings, so it could be an opportunity for them. Just throwing that out there.
      As for you “anono”, you’ve been commenting on here for a while and it appears you have a particular beef with not only Christina, but the very idea of traditional school districts. Why is that? I would ask you face to face but I also respect your need to hide behind a not so clever anonymous name. Your call on that one…


  2. He is not trying to “sell it”. Maybe they wanted to get all of their questions answered, before putting it our there.
    And why would they have to answer to you and your blog? Who do you think you are? Yup, your a tax payer and NOT even in the District.

    Finally, someone comes up with a novel idea and you poke holes in it, before it’s even presented…….and your credentials are what again? Must have a solid background in education, years of experience.

    Final thought, I don’t have a beef, I’m supporting what they are doing coming up with a plan to better educate and not shooting it down, before all the questions are answered!

    Unlike you.


    1. Want to know what I consider you? A sucker. This isn’t Christina’s plan. This is Carney’s plan. If you think for one second this plan came about due to true collaboration between the district, the teacher’s union, and Carney’s office, you are a fool. And considering I can see the stats on my blog for each and every article, I can say for certainty that more people read this blog than attend public meetings in Delaware. That is just a fact. So yes, the venue would reach a bigger audience should Christina or Carney want to reach out to folks. But that will never happen. It doesn’t matter whether or not I’m in the district. I’m sure you talk about things going on in Delaware, our country, or even the world where YOU don’t live. It’s a free world. It’s very hard to get credentials in non-transparency and backdoor meetings. Or corporate education reform. But I can guarantee I have done extensive research on all those subjects and learned how would-be-kings like Carney operate. This isn’t a plan, it is coercion at the highest levels of our state. It’s such a damn shame Gregg drank the Carney Kool-Aid so early in his job.


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