There is so much going on tonight.  First up is the first Town Hall meeting (which I filed a FOIA complaint against the Governor’s Office and Christina School District for a violation of the seven day notice) for the Governor Carney let’s screw with Christina School District one more time.  Second is the Red Clay Consolidated School District Board of Education meeting in which they pick up a new board member and tackle the resolution similar to the Christina resolution on sanctuary schools and all that.  Finally, it is the Capital School District Board of Education meeting.  My son goes to school there again so I have a vested interest in what goes on in their district.  I can’t possibly attend all of them.  So which one am I going to?  Who gets the honor?None of them.  The honor goes to my son tonight.  It is taco night.  As well, he loves the Red Lobster biscuits and I’m going to help him make some thanks to the store brand they came out with a while ago.  I have a feeling I’ll be making these not-so-hard decisions more and more in the future.  It isn’t that I have nothing to say on here.  I can say plenty.  I guarantee that twenty years from now (if public education even exists still) I could still be writing about something that I don’t agree with.  Or some other back-door meeting.  But I go to these meetings and it seems like a lot of the same conversations they were having three years ago.  We still have far too many clueless legislators and Governors in Delaware who think they can cure education without stepping one foot in or ever having taught in a classroom.  There will always be some deep dark secret lurking in the foundation of some charter or district.  Some other special education kid getting their rights trampled on.

I’m just not feeling it as much anymore.  It isn’t that education has changed.  I think I changed.  I got thick skin when it came to Delaware education.  That also means I’m not as angry about this stuff as much.  There will always be someone fighting the fight.  Many of them exist out there.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not throwing in the towel.  Something will happen that pisses me off to that certain degree where words start catapulting on the screen.  David Sokola will still be doing his thing.  Rodel bores me to tears now.  I used to think they were these education boogeymen.  The sad truth is they are an organization that lost its relevance some time ago.  How they still get any funding is beyond me.  They stay quiet for the most part but I’m sure they are knee-deep in all their bs.  The Delaware DOE will do whatever the Governor wants without questioning the wisdom behind it all.  Some district admins will continue to get their $100,000+ salaries and enjoy the benefits from that immensely.  I’m still involved with the School District Consolidation Task Force finance sub-committee.  I have no doubt in my mind that task force will either say no to district consolidation or won’t even come up with a recommendation because not enough people agree.  The odds are in the former’s favor the way the group is made up.  There will be great hoopla about shared resources among districts though.  The DOE is going to continue to pound Christina while turning a blind eye to the non-transparent happy horse-crap from the charters.  Even when the Springfield Gambit falls apart.  We will continue to spend a ton of money in the wrong places and not enough in the right ones.  This is not-so Exceptional Delaware.  The kids are all exceptional and awesome, but man am I tired of seeing the same old faces doing the same old stuff.

When I have words to write, I’ll be here.  Simple as that.  Like I said, there will always be battles in education.  But time spent with my teenage son before he becomes a man and sprouts his own wings?  That is finite.  As well, my Yankees are tied up 2-2 in the American League Championship Series against the Astros.  Gotta root for my team!

Updated, about 8 minutes later: The Town Hall in Christina was canceled.  Instead Governor Carney and the latest DOE Wonder Boy, Dorrell Green, are going to have a Facebook Q&A starting at 6:30pm.

Updated again, a couple minutes after the last one: I literally just found out about this crazy guy going around shooting people in Maryland and Delaware.  Get this guy!


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