5 thoughts on “Kendall Massett Rides To The Rescue For Thomas Edison Board As They Are About To Violate More Open Meeting Laws

  1. You have replaced the board president’s name several times with Pritchett. For instance:
    “shows Kendall Massett taking charge is when she realized Pritchett might be saying too much when asked about the nature of EL’s departure”

    And at least once again. Need to correct it so people don’t think they are reading about Maurice.


    1. Now this I do remember from my journalism classes in college. The first time you introduce the reader to someone, you put in the first and last name. After that, it is okay to just put the last name. Several people have the same last name. I do this all the time.


  2. There are so many unqualified people who sit on school boards of Delaware charter schools. They all think they are above reproach. There is another school board about to be exposed, but I am waiting for a friend of mine to find employment elsewhere before she exposes the illegal board activity at a charter school in New Castle County.

    Whistle Blower protection is a joke! If she were to expose this activity now, she would surely be out of a job.

    Stay tuned…

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    1. “There are so many unqualified people who sit on school boards of Delaware charter schools.”

      Not only a problem in Charter schools. Last time a checked, you only needed a pulse and 300 people to vote for you to get you on the board of some TPS’s boards. Then they rubber stamp expenditures that they don’t truly understand or grasp the impact of.


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