5 thoughts on “Teachers At Thomas Edison Ticked Off At Board For Suspending Thomas-EL & Denying State Approved Salary Increases

  1. What a tragedy! Thomas Allison was lucky to get Edison Thomas-el. He has an outstanding reputation nationally for the work he’s done with students living in poverty and struggling and education. It was a Hail Mary when they approached him. I’m sure the board is turned over quite a bit in the 8 to 10 years he’s been there, which means A good portion of their board members simply do not know or understand the skills this man brings to the school. He is beloved. And they will never find another principle, another man of his caliber. I’ve never met him, but his reputation is so strong it precedes him and both the traditional and charter education realms.


  2. Delaware needs to get it’s S**t together. All of the backdoor shady trust/trustee board/foundation relationships are known but then no one does anything about it. Stand up every single time and don’t let things like this go.


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