Developing Story: Thomas Edison Leader Salome Thomas-El Removed From School By Police This Morning

Thomas Edison Charter School

Breaking news: The police just removed Thomas Edison Charter School Head of School Salome Thomas-El from the school.  The Board of Directors was present for this.  Details are sparse at the moment, but from what I’m hearing the board was not pleased about the direction Thomas-El wanted to take the school in.  Apparently wanting more pay for staff and administration is a big no-no.  The teachers are not pleased with the decision and there could be a walk-out.  It looks like there is no such thing as due process at this Wilmington charter school.  More details to come as this story develops…



10 thoughts on “Developing Story: Thomas Edison Leader Salome Thomas-El Removed From School By Police This Morning

  1. MR. El is a very very excellent principal, that really cares for his students and teachers. He’s the type of person, that would go far and beyond to help his students and parents.

    If he’s asking for more money for his teachers and staff there are reasons. The cost of everything has gone up while pay is stagnant. How are they suppose to take care of their families too. Everyone must remember teachers also spend some of their salaries on their students too. Helping them with school supplies, clothing. So we need to support every effort to help them and Mr.El.

    Also I have witness many behaviors, of some those students that these teachers put up with.

    If He s remove as principal it would be a sad day and a big lost for the Wilmington community and the school.

    Also Mr.El was not in attendance this morning. So the report of him being removed from the school is inaccurate.

    Reinstate Mr.El Asap

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  2. Me El is an outstanding principal and has made a tremendous difference in this school. He cares deeply about the kids, quality of education and staff. His staff and teachers are sincere and dedicated and his fight for them is merited. Restore him and give him what’s needed!


  3. If your issue is with the board, you haven’t one word about it unless your the reporter for this story.

    I was there to drop my two children off and cops were not yet there and normally MR. El is there by that time. And he wasn’t there. They showed up after and were outside waiting for him to show up.


  4. Principal El has been one of the best things to happen to Thomas Edison. I have 2 kids that graduated and 2 kids still there. My issue is also with the Board of Directors. Where is the statement they were supposed to make to the parents?


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