The Exceptional Delaware Memo

Exceptional Delaware

So I took a break over the last week and a half.  I did cheat last Monday and popped two articles up.  But whatever.  It’s my blog.  I’ll do what I please.  It was a hectic week.  Between work and the damn car.  But I did have fun on Facebook on many of those days.  Dug into an awesome collection of short stories by Neil Gaiman.  I discovered MY song of the summer, “One Of Us”, by New Politics.  I sold the last remaining vestiges of a forty-year old hobby, my comic collection.  They are all digital today.  I went for some walks with my music blaring.  It was hot as hell most of the week.  I tried to steer clear of education conversation.  On the first day of my “break”, God bless them, no less than six people contacted me in some way about education stuff within an hour after my announced break.

I did think about education stuff, mainly what is coming up.  Jotted some notes down…

3 thoughts on “The Exceptional Delaware Memo

  1. While I realize that everyone has an opinion and/or potentially an angle. I find your expose’s to be well written and thoroughly documented. I may not be able to offer more than moral support but go get them!


  2. Please please please focus on Del Tech and the arrogance (among other things). It has really gone downhill over the past decade. I used to work there until three years ago. Vice Presidents and Campus Directors that don’t have a clue what is happening. Administrators that don’t have a clue what they are doing. Support staff that get to pick and choose what job duties they do (and do with little effort) despite the job description and no supervision from administration. Stagnant enrollment for years. There is always a budget crunch because they keeping hiring Vice Presidents that only focus on one thing. Rank and file have to beg for staples and pens while one campus spent $10,000 of student tuition money on blue glass rocks for a courtyard. SEED is a bailout. DTCC couldnt survive financially without it today.


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