Delaware Cursive Bill Goes To Governor Carney For Signature


How about those apples Kate Gladstone?  The Delaware Cursive Bill, House Bill #70, passed the Delaware Senate today with 17 yes and 2 no votes.  Two State Senators were absent.  The no votes were State Senators Gary Simpson and Ernie Lopez.  Now the bill, which would make cursive instruction mandatory in Delaware public schools, will go to the desk of Governor John Carney for signature.

This was a surprisingly controversial bill this session.  A prior attempt at this legislation came out in the 148th General Assembly but failed to get a full vote in the House.  This time, it went all the way through the General Assembly.  It created a good amount of discussion concerning the worthiness of the bill.  Full disclosure, I fully supported this bill.

One of the folks opposed to the bill was a woman named Kate Gladstone.  She made it her mission at the House Education Committee meeting to make sure the bill went nowhere.  Obviously, most of the Delaware legislators were not swayed by her unconvincing arguments.  Perhaps another state will listen to you when they follow Delaware’s lead on this Ms. Gladstone!

I want to thank State Rep. Andria Bennett who saw this bill through as well as State Rep. Deb Hudson who gave it a valiant attempt two years ago!

4 thoughts on “Delaware Cursive Bill Goes To Governor Carney For Signature

  1. This is the GAYEST BILL EVER! Fix the damn budget, who gives a damn about cursive???

    Q: Why don’t parents be parents and do this job???
    A: Because they are lazy pieces of shit that don’t know how to parent.

    With all of the standards that teachers are responsible for teaching, now they pile on this bullshit.


    1. I have to disagree. Once upon a time, before No Child Left Behind, Race To The Top, and ESSA, cursive was mandatory. It helped me to write faster and more accurately. Studies have proven it improves motor coordination in the hands. For students with disabilities, they find it much easier than print. My parents didn’t teach me cursive. I learned it in second and third grade from the awesome teachers I had. It was part of the curriculum. It went away in the standardized testing accountability era. I see this as a good sign of going back to what education should be.


  2. Josia, sometimes parents are too busy PARENTING at home to teach their children new concepts. Since my children’s schools haven’t eliminated homework, I spend two hours every school night with my elder high needs child doing high school homework and then turn my attention to my higher functioning child and his defiance disorder to tackle whatever project and paperwork has been sent home for him. And don’t think cursive is some wasteland. One of my children independently taught himself cursive because it was easier to write than print. His teachers loved it b/c it meant that he was using several different spheres of his brain and producing a legible product doing it.

    Your comment is pathetically incompetent and insulting to families who engage their schools through their children. I may not be the PTA mom, I don’t even support buy/sell fundraisers (I’m NOT raising children to be salespeople) but I am ensuring that my child is prepared for school each day and ready to learn new concepts and reinforce older ones. That is a burden I bet most teachers would love to shrug off – but can’t b/c too many children are impacted by poverty and its affects on education and a child’s ability to learn. Living with grandma while moms works two jobs or can’t find one and needs ebt to barely keep food on pantry shelves and dads runs around making more baby mammas. That is an impairment to education. And it isn’t even the worst case scenario. Think foster care. Think food wastelands. Think child abuse/neglect. Think special learning needs. All of these things impair a parents abilities to “parent” by your definition:

    “Q: Why don’t parents be parents and do this job???
    A: Because they are lazy pieces of shit that don’t know how to parent.”

    Now, who’s the “lazy piece of shit?”


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