Season Four On Exceptional Delaware Just Got Very Interesting, Time To Reboot The Mission

Exceptional Delaware

Every year, on June 13th, Exceptional Delaware celebrates its anniversary.  This year is, pardon the pun, no exception.  You won’t see what the mission is until you read about it.  But it is definitely time to reboot the mission and go back to basics.  It’s about the kids.  It’s about families.  It’s about what is covered up and hidden.  In ALL facets of education, people want quiet.  They didn’t want the dirty skeletons coming out of the closet.  But they are there.  Like an ostrich with a head buried in the sand, so it is with Delaware education. 

Folks who I thought couldn’t stand each other will band together for a common cause.  The problem is when that common cause is not in the best interests of students or justice.  The Delaware Way, of parties getting together and compromising to get things done has a reverse effect.  It allows things to stay secret.  It allows for parties to bully their way into getting what they want.  It has become a game for certain adults, who should know better, to do things that defy all logical sense in order to make a point.  So far, I’ve made it a point to expose that illogical thinking.  Time to step it up a notch.

I will say this, no parent should EVER sign a confidentiality agreement with a school district or charter school.  Never.  They want you to shut up.  The last thing they want is another me running around.  But it is that very truth that shines a light no one can ignore.  The only way to change the system is to expose the system.  It starts at the local level, in our public schools, and it goes ALL the way up.  And it branches out, to other state agencies.

I’ve learned more than I ever thought I would over the past three years.  I know who the players are and the lengths some of them will go to.  I know a lot about what they do, but learning how is the struggle at times.  It isn’t just financial issues either.  It is the very core of what education has become.  I’ve eaten some humble pie at times, but so have they.  If you are involved in education at some part of the state level, chances are your name has appeared in this blog.

As I’ve said in the past, people shouldn’t be worried about what I write but more about what I haven’t written.  Even those who some people feel I tell everything don’t have an iota of knowledge of what I know.  There is a reason I’m cryptic at times.  There is a reason I lay Easter eggs that play out later.  There could be some in this article.  Some of the power players don’t know what to make of me sometimes.  Some think I’m some disgruntled Dad who has taken my experiences with my son and I’m just lashing out.  Some think I’m a fire-starter.  Some think I get EVERYTHING wrong and I have no idea what I’m talking about.  And some, some know exactly what I’m talking about.

If I’ve learned one thing during this journey, it is to never take anything at face value.  As former blogger Kavips once said, I’m the one digging through the sewers and the rot where no one thinks to look.  Anyone can do it.  I’m not special in that regard.  I don’t always have time to get to everything, but I have a long list in my head and I will get back to it.

The “next big thing” on this blog is what nobody expects.  It will change conversations and expose some of that rot.  It will terrify some.  But it will happen.  There is a very big bulls-eye with certain names on it.  Even if you are my best friend, I’m not telling you about this one ahead of time.  It is THAT big.

It’s going to be a hot summer, but if you feel a chill in the coming months reading about some things, know you aren’t alone.  Know that others feel the same way.  It is meant to make the hairs on your neck stand up.  Cause when I hear these things, I have the same reaction.

Thank you to all my readers, even those who can’t stand me and think I’m wrong about everything.  Especially those up North who drink the kool-aid regarding NCS.  I love all of you!  Never forget, ONE person can make a difference.  We need more bravery in this state.  We need people who will defy the system and speak up.  The articles I’m proudest of are when those voices did rise.  Whether it was one person or a bunch of them, it was my pleasure to help, if even in a small way.  And I will ALWAYS be here to listen.


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