No Shared Sacrifice For Delaware Charters! They Get To Keep Their Portion Of Educational Sustainment Fund!

The Delaware Education Hunger Games just went up a new level.  The shot heard round the Delaware Education world when Governor John Carney put out his FY2018 proposed budget shook up the school districts.  But the part no one is talking about is the Delaware charter schools get to keep their educational sustainment funds.

The total for the educational sustainment fund is $28.15 million dollars.  Carney wants to cut $21,974.40 of that fund.  That amount is what goes to the local school districts.  The rest goes to the charters and there is NO recommendation in Carney’s budget to cut those funds for the blessed ones.  The rationale is the charters aren’t covered by the Match Tax.  But I will get to that part later.  Governor Markell actually wanted to keep the fund in his proposed budget for FY2018.  This means the charters would get to keep over $6 million dollars.

Meanwhile, Carney suggested the school boards could raise those funds via a match tax without referendum.  For arguments sake, let’s say school boards decide to go that route.  That would mean the charters could get not only the educational sustainment fund but also their local share of those match tax funds.  Since no local school board seems to relish the idea of taking up Carney on his idea, they are forced to get the funds elsewhere.  In many districts, teachers and staff are getting reduction in force notices.

It is absolutely disgusting and abhorrent the charters are able to keep this money.  I thought the charter school transportation slush fund was disgusting enough, but this is obscene.  All the angst and distress in the districts while the charters merrily set their budgets without a care in the world.  Sure, they might have to make some sacrifices, but I’m sure they can make up for it with the above-mentioned slush fund.  Why do the charters get every perk in the world while districts are made to suffer?

So where did this educational sustainment fund even come from?  To find out the answer to that, you have to go way back to the Governor Mike Castle days.  This was during a time when Delaware didn’t have the budget problems we are plagued with today.  There was actually an idea thrown into the air to cut property taxes entirely.  As Delaware does so wonderfully, they put together a group to see if this was possible.  John Carney was actually on this working group and was one of the chief voices against cutting property taxes altogether.  And that is where the fund came into being, through this group.  And now Carney wants to get rid of it, but only for the districts, not the charters.  Originally, the amount was over $50 million dollars.  But it shrunk down over the years.  There used to be a list for its intended use, but now it states these funds can be used locally for whatever they want.  Which means Carney’s statement about how it shouldn’t have been used as a permanent fixture to support teacher salaries is hogwash.

If you aren’t pissed off enough about the shenanigans going on with this budget, this should set you into a tailspin.  Unless you are actually a parent of a student who would benefit from this perk for your child’s school (aka, a charter school).  All the business officers in the school districts know this, and Mike Jackson, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget definitely knows this.  But this has remained under the radar for months now.  Until I found out today.

Do charter schools have a right to the match tax proceeds collected from Delaware school districts?  This is where it becomes a somewhat thorny issue.  Technically, no.  But the Christina School District settlement with the 15 charter schools set up a potential upcoming conflict where they could argue the merit of getting those funds.  From the settlement:

In particular, Plaintiffs are free to contend for fiscal 2018 and thereafter that Match Tax Revenues should be included in the calculation of Local Cost Per Student pursuant to Section 509. CSD is free to condent for fiscal 2018 and thereafter that Match Tax Revenues should not be included in the calculation of Local Cost Per Student pursuant to Section 509.

Why would any discussion of match tax funds appear in this settlement?  Unless they KNEW Carney would be putting this in his proposed budget.  And we all know it isn’t actually Carney creating this.  Most likely Mike Jackson.  More boon for charters.  And I just heard the charter school transportation slush fund WILL stay in the budget.  Time to get your voices heard Delaware and call out the State of Delaware for succumbing to the incessant lobbying of the Delaware Charter School Network.  It is time to get people like Greg Meece from Newark Charter School to shut up about his school’s great test scores and how they are recipients of the Blue Ribbon Award twice.  It is all based on superficial bullshit.  Anyone can rig the game and charters have been very proficient at that.  It is time to stop the Delaware charters from deciding education funding and policy in Delaware.  It is time for our legislators to stop voting on the basis of less than 20% of Delaware’s public education population and look at the needs of ALL our students.  Enough.  Our children are more important than these showmanship games.  I am not directing this at every single charter school.  I am directing this towards the lobbyists for the charters and the charter school leaders who have been doing this for decades.  They weaseled their way into Carney’s office and I see no signs of them leaving.  Time to make that happen!

Editor’s note: I don’t swear on here that much.  When I do, that means I am pretty ticked off!

Updated, 8:41am: In paragraph 3, sentence 3, I changed the word “would” to “could”.  At present, the charters have no claim to the match tax in Delaware.  It is my contention they are gunning for it very soon.


12 thoughts on “No Shared Sacrifice For Delaware Charters! They Get To Keep Their Portion Of Educational Sustainment Fund!

  1. Man you are REALLY bad mouthing Charters !! I hope your kid NEVER has to go to one then you might sound like a babbling idiot !! You say your blogs are well researched ??? Where are you getting your research from ?? Not very noble thing to bad mouth a kids school !! There is a better way of handling this !! I think you are so used to bad mouthing everyone and everything this is the norm for you and your DemoRAT friends !! It is VERY sad and a form of BULLYING !! You sound VERY bitter!! 😦 ❤


    1. Sorry you see it as “badmouthing” charters. I see it as a very unfair thing when districts lose money charters don’t. Does your son attend a charter school now? Cause as someone else pointed out, it wasn’t that long ago you were very much badmouthing charters.


      1. You are a piece of work !!! You have become one nasty human being !! But, just to clear up your UGLY lies and fabrications !! It was Gateway Lab School I was NOT happy with and that was 5 years ago when it first opened and my special needs son was bullied badly and NOTHING was done about it ! Also he had to be on bus for 55 minutes for a 10 minute drive and when I did drive him I had to wait in an hour car line to get him home !!! Also his teachers were wonderful , it was the administrative staff that was awful !! But, I have heard GREAT things about it now and even have visited the school !! They have a GREAT staff now and they are an AMAZING school now !!! You really need to get your lies straight !! Also I NEVER bad mouth any other Charter Schools because I think they are run correctly they are AWESOME !! Also they keep the public schools that are ready OVER-Crowded from being more crowded !! But, since the demoRATS and their social government run liberalism can’t control the Charters they hate this because it brings down their MONEY gaining quota’s !! I know for a FACT that all Charters including Newark Charter are extremely diverse and take kids in with special needs !! You are 100% WRONG !! See the reason this BOGUS bill is being argued is because they want to keep doing the WORST thing to our inner city kids they can , bring them from homes where their parents don’t care about them and they are emotionally broken make them take hour bus rides on crammed buses and force them to go public schools where the teachers and staff are over -whelmed with the amount of kids in our public schools and they can’t get ANY psychological counseling or the appropriate attention and love !! So they act out on the other kids in the schools and staff making them problem kids !!! They should be building local city public schools with outreach programs and psychological programs to help these innocent children !! You and your DEMORAT friend care NOTHING about city kids and their emotional issues or you would NOT be doing things like this !!! You care about how you can cram these kids in schools that are too far away from them and too OVER crowded to reach their money sickening QUOTAS !!! Then these other kids get picked on bullied and made to feel worthless !! See Kevin while you are and your friends are BUSY putting me down and calling me a bigot and racist !! I volunteer with inner city kids and have been involved with Urban Promise and Family Promise tell me they hate school and having to take a 1 hour bus ride and being ignored at school !! Heart breaking !! Meanwhile people like you and your demorat friend manipulate people into thinking you are helping innocent inner city and black children from broken homes when REALLY you are making things 1O times worse for them!! You are doing nothing but branding them and breaking them more !! I have seen inner city kids in broken homes come out of Urban Promise going to Princeton University !! Also if anyone disagrees with anything you say they are bullied so bad that they don’t bother !! Also I blocked you and your friend Mike Matthews , Kim Williams because I first started blocking your posts but, then on my timeline you would respond to my posts with BULLY tactics or if I asked you for help , I would have to agree with your way and put him back in bad situation with NO solution !! I never GOT any REAL help from you and your socialist government liberal communist demoRAT friends who pretend they are goodie goodies who help people but, are motivated by money and greed !! Good Luck Kevin !! You will need it !! You have been brainwashed !!


        1. You are delusional NRV. Your comments are written in such a jumbled and confusing way. I can’t make sense of half of them. I’m not sure what happened to you, but your insistence frightens me a lot. I am always willing to engage in conversation, but not the way you do it. That isn’t conversation. Funny how you say I bully if people don’t agree with me when you are actually the one doing that. You sound like you have a considerable amount of hate inside you right now and that isn’t healthy.


        2. As a courtesy, I will ask that you refrain from the kind of comments you have been putting up lately, otherwise I will be left with no choice but to block you from here as well.


  2. Hit a nerve !!! OMG Kevin !! How will survive ?? Please BLOCK me from your twisted ,fabricated misinformed facts bird brain , man who has NO life except to BULLY people, and back people who screw up our schools BLOG !! ?? Do you EVER spend time with your kids or do you spend you your time following heartless politicians who BULLY others to get what they want !! I feel so sorry for you Kevin !! You can call me delusional !!! At least I get it and own up to my issues !! At least I don’t put down schools , people like Mike Ramone , and others who don’t agree with your convoluted way of thinking !! People are fed up with you and your friends NASTY approach to screwing up our schools more !! This why our schools are so messed because people like you are involved !! I am open to others schools and people issues unlike you and your DEMORAT friends who have NO compassion or caring !! At least I care about my kid and what is BEST for him !! Unlike you who has LOST sight of what is important because you drank to much of the power trip kool-aide !!ALL kids in ALL schools !! PLEASE block me !! I am begging you ~~ !!I am 100% happy with myself because my goal is to do what is RIGHT but, not what my convoluted friends agree with !! Someday you will get the wake up call Kevin !! I pray for you !! BLOCK me PLEASE ~~ I have had enough of your convoluted power trip crap !!


    1. For someone who professes to hate what I write so much, you sure do spend a lot of time on here. I have one child and I spend a lot of time with him, thank you very much. In fact, we just ate dinner together while watching one of his favorite TV shows and had a chat about life. To set the record straight, I am about the students. Not the Democrats. Not the Republicans. Not the power elite. Not the unions. Not the corporations. And not about friends. I’ve met a lot of people on both sides of the aisle writing about education, ones I can call friends. I’m not looking for your pity, nor do I feel it is warranted, but that is certainly your choice. You talk about oversized classrooms while the charters you profess to love so much are not getting the cuts districts are. They aren’t pinkslipping teachers. Districts are, because of what the State Government is proposing with the budget. And the very same Republicans you hold so close to your heart, vote in favor of charter bills that benefit charters and not public schools all the time. I don’t see you at Legislative Hall, or State Board meetings, or school board meetings, or task force meetings, or strategic plan meetings, or pretty much anything. I’m glad you are involved with Urban Promise, but that doesn’t begin to delve into every issue in education. As involved as I am, there isn’t enough time in the day to tackle it all. I’ve gone against the DOE, State Board, legislators, the unions, school districts, and charters while writing this blog. I’ve also supported them when I feel they are doing something right. I will continue to do so. So you can sit there and judge me on your high horse that doesn’t seem to have any legs. You can sit there and talk and rant, but when stuff comes down that will destroy not only public schools but also charter schools, good luck dealing with that.


  3. I have known Mike and Lisa Ramone for years !! They are AMAZING wonderful , classy , selfless , loving human beings who have helped DE and our community enormously !! They are loved by democrats and republicans in this state !! You bad mouthing him and bullying says a lot about your character !! Block me Kevin please !! I don’t want to be associated with people who do this !~! 😦


      1. I PRAISE Democrats!! I just don’t praise your friends the corrupt DEMORATS !!! You surely did Kevin !! You told me people that Mike was abusive to you on your BLOG !! I heard ALL about it and it was shown to me !! This has nothing to do with Trump or Devos !! You will say anything !! This about the kids !! You and your friends should be looking out for ALL kids in ALL schools in DE !! I guess the kids in Charters are JUST not important !! What a JERK ! I have three kids in My Sunday School class that go to Newark Charter !! One with Special Needs !! And NON of them were forced to take a test or turned away !! Also had a kid in Sunday School who came from a broken home that went to Newark Charter and she was special needs !! I guess you forgot that their kids in Newark that come from broken homes and have special needs !! Also she IS a black child !! See what upsets me Kevin is that you and Kolowoski make up LIES !! And don’t tell the truth !! And you use and manipulate the people with the race card when you are ONLY making things WORSE for those of race !! The Democrats that are smart enough to be against you and your DEMORAT friends are the ones I like !! You are one HUGE Jerk !!


        1. Okay, first off, I have NEVER said there are no African-American or students with disabilities at NCS. I have always contended, and the numbers prove it, that their populations compared to the rest of Christina School District and even the 5 mile radius they reside in, are not reflective of those communities. I have always looked out for the kids. It’s the adults I take issue with at times, in both district and charters. I don’t know what you are referring to with Mike except for my comical review of him smacking me with a folder last week. It was in jest and when I saw Ramone the next day we both laughed about it. I am not sure how Kolowoski is. I would assume you are talking about Rep. Kowalko. I’m sorry if you see my article about some type of “race card” thing I am trying to pull out. I merely want what MANY in Wilmington want, the same opportunities for Wilmington students as the rest of Christina School District. If wanting equal opportunities for ALL Delaware students, including Christina’s Wilmington students, than please, call me guilty. At times, I do write things as sarcasm or humor on here. Education can be a very heavy topic at times, so lightening the mood at times helps all involved. Kids in charters are just as important as kids in traditional school districts, private schools and home schools. All kids are important. We are on the same page with that.
          You can continue your rants without any facts to back them up if that is your choice. I don’t know what your goal is in doing so. You seem obsessed with attacking my blog at every chance you get. I wish you could open your eyes to see what many in Delaware see, that NCS’ choices do not look okay to most Delawareans. I’m not saying they are a bad school. I just wish the choice was open for all in Christina. That is all.


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