**UPDATED**Christina Public Comment By Board Member Alleges Involvement Of Other Board Members In Hate Emails

Shirley Saffer

I don’t normally take down blog posts.  I have sometimes done so in the past, but it is not the norm.  I have received information in the past that I have never written about since it was a matter best dealt with by the authorities.  Given that the matter I wrote about in this article is potentially a part of a current police investigation, I have chosen to take the post down.  If I feel the situation bears putting it up again, I will certainly do so.  Thank you for understanding.




11 thoughts on “**UPDATED**Christina Public Comment By Board Member Alleges Involvement Of Other Board Members In Hate Emails

  1. This siriation demandd the full light of day: full public disclosure. The writer of any such emails should resign immediately. I speak as a 30+ year district resident and Christina teacher.

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  2. Kevin thank you for sharing your story. I am sorry that this person and their friends have also attacked you. My wish is that Matt Denn’s office will read your blog and investigate.

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  3. I was flabbergasted to listen to Shirley on the audio. I couldn’t stay for all of public comment. In fact, with one exception, I have avoided all CSD Board Meetings since my term ended (4 yrs ago). There is a reason for this – to give this board the time it needs to coalesce around its staff and students and to give my biological children more of their mother back. But this was to be a teaching moment for my son, I brought him to talk to the board during public comment. Now that I’ve heard the email, 1)I’m glad I left with my Jewish son when I did, he did not need to hear about hate crimes against Shirley 2)I agree with Kevin – It fits a pattern of fake email that surfaced a year ago – and 3) The race card has been played against women on the CSD board for the last 8 years, especially those who are Jewish or have married into a Jewish families. And one of the things that strikes me is that no board member has had the backbone to stand behind Shirley and demand an investigation into possible hate crimes. Without seeing the email, I can’t tell if it stems from the board, but it certainly sounds like some board members have a serious stalker following them around. And that’s just plain scary. No volunteer deserves that, not even JMY.


  4. if you connect the dots, know the players, puppets and strings attached, you have your haters, follow your e-mails, those trying to work the system, getting friends jobs and then stabbing you in the back, the public knows the truth.
    still trying to use their friends for the dirty work. checking time lines and amazing coincidences. Seriously ! Ha !


    1. Steve, as they stand I’m so far removed, I can’t connect the dots. But I am a palled and heartbroken for you and Shirley. And I am second for John and Elizabeth. Delaware can do politics dirty, but this goes too far.


      1. I’ll try voicing this one more time. The downside to being sick is that Siri can’t get my words right. I am apalled for you and Shirley and sickened for John and Elizabeth.


  5. For those who think they can get away with posting whatever they want on this blog without a care in the world for people’s personal lives, think again. I don’t hold comments unless some serious lines are crossed. Just so you know AW…


    1. By the way “AW”, I tried emailing you back with a very important question. The email came back as “undeliverable”. Kind of makes your credibility fly out the window, just sayin…glass houses and all…


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