Christina Board of Education Unanimously Passes Resolution Condemning Governor Carney’s Proposed Education Cuts

Christina Board of Education

Last night, the Christina Board of Education unanimously passed a resolution concerning Governor John Carney’s proposed FY2018 budget for Delaware.  The resolution encourages all Delaware legislators in New Castle County to reject Carney’s proposed education cuts.  The FY2018 budget has to get through the Joint Finance Committee and will then go to the149th Delaware General Assembly in the final days of legislative session in late June.

Expect more of this in the days and weeks to come.  The reaction from Delaware teachers, educators, parents, citizens, schools, districts, and school boards is getting louder by the day.  Especially when teachers are getting pink slips.  Last night at a forum about the budget at the Delmar Fire Station, even Carney acknowledged these are bad choices.  I have to think, with all the perks inserted into the epilogue language of the state budget every year, there is room for unnecessary programs in our state to get the chopping block.  If Carney wants our state to be competitive, forcing schools into no-win situations involving less money is not the way to go.  This wasn’t a bad choice, it was a horrible choice.

One thought on “Christina Board of Education Unanimously Passes Resolution Condemning Governor Carney’s Proposed Education Cuts

  1. Kevin,
    This story pertains to discipline in ALL our traditional schools. This blog was the most recent Christina one I could find, who was targeted by the Feds, after Jea Street called in favors to get the biased scrutiny he wanted. It applies throughout the country where Obama era politics infected the rational decision making of school personnel instead of sound disciplining. Please note the author is black and that it describes in very clear detail the studies contradicting the claims of discrimination of punishments.

    “The study further points out that in 2014, Obama Education Secretary Arne Duncan issued a “Dear Colleague” letter that basically threatened school districts across the country with a federal investigation if they did not decrease black student school suspensions. In other words, the Obama Administration mandated the streamlining of bad classroom behavior.”

    Please use as you see fit and send to our district representatives as a warning that the Obama era policies are in stark contrast with normal human behavior. The studies and facts contradict with intended results (unless the only intended results were to decrease suspensions of black students for perception sake). The Obama era policies and threats damaged schools ability to discipline AND it diminished their ability to effectively educate non-problematic students.


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